Who says Life doesn’t exist?

My name is Linda and I am turning 27 in less than a month! I am married to a great husband and I live in beautiful South Africa.

About 6 months ago my life changed drastically…and when I say drastically it means drastically for me.. I got burned out..gedaan..kapoet. I was in full time ministry when it happened.

Just a little about my history.. I used to be a great netball player in high school and in my 1st year of varsity “they” (there is always a “they” and no one knows who they are) discovered a tumor in my left knee. I got an bone transplant and couldn’t play netball anymore. This was traumatic in my life, but compared to that… what I experienced 6 months ago was HUGE!!

So, what happened? As I said, I was in full time ministry, a Christian, a believer, a church goer, a disciple. Everything in my life was great! And because of the set up of ministry I couldn’t see the warning signs.

Ministry in it self was a challenge, but what really killed me..was not understanding who Jesus really is.

I believed in Him, you see?..and I had hectic encounters with Him..but I didn’t understand the reason why He had to come..I didn’t understand His Kingdom and His Grace.

For me, His kingdom can only come through His Spirit..if you think about it, it is quite logical. He is a Daddy and He loves His Children and because of that, He gave us His greatest gift… His Son and the Holy Spirit.

I used to be one of those Christians that was Zealous for the Lord.. and there was nothing wrong with it, except that I was constantly working for Him with strife in my heart. I was so driven.. my motto was ‘Live Full-out for Christ.’

Looking back now, it just proved to me that I didn’t trust Him.

You see, I fell in love with the Holy Spirit. The gentle, lovely Spirit of the Lord. No strife there. I came to a revelation that.. to be a christian is so easy. To be a witness is so easy. You just trust the Spirit. After ministry, I had a bigger impact in my life ,just because I became who God created me to be. I started receiving His love and Power and started to walk in it. The Spirit of God is our helper to bring about His kingdom, and what beautiful Kingdom it is! The greatest thing I discovered, was that I had a loving relationship with my Daddy and not a work relationship. It is all about drinking His sweet presence and enjoying it!

So now, I fill my life to the max with the  freedom that I have in Christ.. I take photos, enjoy my family and fall more in love with my King.. so easy..so peaceful.

This is what this blog is about..living in Christ and enjoying it..it is about my adventures with Christ and about having a Life filled with abundance!


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