My theory

There are a lot of movies involving some kind of villain trying to take over the world..Some of these movies can be very accurate, but I sometimes wonder if we as humans are living a little to much in oblivion.

Ever noticed the cow? She just looks at you with those big, brown and dumb eyes. Us humans fall in that trap to think that the cow must be one of the dumbest animals ever.. but I think, in reality, we are the laughing stock for them. If you think about it..they never look if they know that everything will be ok.. This is why they look so dumb. Maybe they are thinking to themselves.. ‘silly humans, why always in such a rush?’

ok, a little far fetched with the cows.. but what about the Scottish terrier? Have you noticed how they are simply not intimidated by their small seize. Maybe they don’t really realize that they are small ….or maybe they know that they are small but also know that it is for a take over the world….mwuhahahaha!!

Just some thoughts.. random I know..


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