Proudly South African

With less than 24 hours left in our beautiful country, I was walking around today, very aware of what makes South Africa unique!

This morning, my mother asked my hubby what he would like for his last supper tonight. He proudly ordered braaivleis: skaap tjops, pap, braai broodjies and chicken as veggies! 😉

I was listening to Pieter de Villiers in the car. He was trying to persuade the public that the best Bok team will be playing this Saturday.

Tea time I enjoyed a sweet syrupy  Koeksister, with a cup of  Rooibos tea.

On my way back home, I was ushered out of my parking space with whistles and heavy arm movements by the car guard. (I paid him R2 for standing under a tree…)

Our national anthem.. (enough said)..

But I really had tears in my eyes when Stof and I were standing in Rennies to change our Rands to Dollars. Standing next to us was a young man, dressed in overalls and covered in paint. He is from Congo, waiting to transfer his money back home. America might be the country of dreams to most people…but in Africa, South Africa is the country of dreams.

This makes me proudly South African and my hope is that one day we can help Africa shine…


One thought on “Proudly South African

  1. Wow Lin! You put words to my hearts language of how I feel about our beautiful country. What a magnificent 9 months await you and Stof. xxx

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