Well, we are here!

About a year ago, the Lord started speaking to me about coming to Redding and doing the BSSM school here. At that stage I was in ministry at a different church in South Africa. I approached my husband with this idea and….. it didn’t fly.He was committed at the church we were at and to him this was a big decision.

So, I left the idea completely and started dreaming of other stuff. But every time I had my time with the Lord, this idea of coming to Redding came up. Eventually, the Lord started speaking to Stoffel and then the boat started to move.

I would lie if I say it was an easy transition. Obviously the people back at our home church had different dreams for us and were disappointed in a way when we where not following those dreams, but rather the dream in our hearts. It broke our hearts to let them down, but we knew that the best place for us was smack in the middle of God’s will for us. Now they are really supporting us in our big adventure!

With that, saying goodbye to close friends and family was  also really difficult!

On the 2nd of September we have arrived here and all those difficult times were quickly a thing of the past. This community of people that welcomed us here was a fresh breeze for our troubled souls. We realized that they believed with everything in their hearts that God is good. So much that it really challenged our faith in God’s goodness. Here you are allowed to make mistakes and in fact it is encouraged. This puts your soul at ease with the fact that your only human, very vulnerable and in real need of a Loving God.

Last night I was trying to wrap my mind around the truth of God’s goodness. My only conclusion is that I am a child of God and that He is good and that I will be okay.This brings peace that surpasses my understanding and freedom that I will never be able to describe. All this is just in the atmosphere! We haven’t even started with class yet.

Already I can feel that once again God knew what He was doing when He moved us. It was painful, but now we are already reaping eternal life principles which will really change our whole approach of life.

I want to encourage you all to follow the dream that God has for you. It will change you for the better! Go out and dream!


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