This post is on my heart for more than two weeks now.. every time I come to type it and I just don’t have any peace, so I stand and walk around and just wait for the right words to describe this Special person.. As I am typing I am fully aware that everything I say here about this beautiful Person will be a understatement, therefor I ask that you will ask the beautiful Holy Spirit to show you more!

Jesus, the Son of God.. fully man and fully God. He is intimacy because He is love. He is Truth. He is grace. He is life. He is heaven and eternal life! Wow! There is so much more, but my question that I ask myself  is who He is to me?

To answer that question I have  to look at the reason He came. He came to sit us free from sin but also to transform us into His image… Why Jesus? What do You see that I don’t see about myself?Daddy God did not make junk.. It is not possible for such a Holy and pure God to create something He doesn’t  like.  He created us in His image.. no where in the whole creation will you find anything that looks like us. We are so special and Daddy is so in love with us! Why? He is love and we are created to respond to that Love!

So back to Jesus… I gave my life to the Lord when I was 19 years old.. Somehow, I don’t know how it happened, I missed the truth that I was created for intimacy with God.. So since I got to know the Lord I worked for him as a slave! To me He was a cold God that required a lot from me.. The Holy Spirit was there to show me what I must do. I became a very hard,frustrated Christian.. with a lot of strive and little joy and was so insecure!

One day I was having a prayer time with my team. Stoffel was standing next to me and said something to me.. I became heavily offended (that was so normal in my life) and sat down to pretend to pray. The next moment I was in this vision and Jesus was standing in front of me. I could see the sadness in His eyes when He looked at me. I asked Him what is wrong? He asked me if  He can touch me and heal me. I did not understand and eventual He lifted a mirror and I saw what my image looked like. I was broken.. my skin on my face was full of bruises and my eyes where bloodshot and swollen from all the shots on my face. Jesus told me that  this is what my soul looks like! I started to cry.. once again He asked me if He can touch me, I was so afraid but said yes. Over the course of the next four months Jesus became my personal Saviour. In this time I discovered His gentleness and unconditional love. I discovered that I can rest with Him. That He really loves me so much.. my soul became at peace and I learned the true heart of God. Love..

I learned that there is no more judgement , that every judgement He took on the cross. Today we have a choice to live in that life that He bought for us. We do not have to be afraid of God anymore, in fact He rejoices over us every second of time…Love pours out of His being.. and I learned to soak that up. His love energizes me!

So  one day in my many walks with Jesus, He introduced me to the Father and the Holy Spirit! WOW!!!!!!!! I was so excited to learn more about our Daddy’s heart! He is beautiful! I will speak more about Him on a different post. The Holy Spirit, Jesus explained, is here with me on earth. He is my source of intimacy, my power to do the works of the Kingdom, my friend and councilor. I fell in love with the Holy Spirit. Since then I have a lot of new adventures with Him. He is beautiful!

I just want to encourage you while you are reading this blog, to think how you see Jesus.. if you don’t have fond memories, I can assure you that Jesus wants to create new ones with you. Just invite him into your life and start to share life with Him! Allow Him to guide you into more revelations of His love for you.. I pray that you will learn to rest in His arms!


One thought on “Jesus

  1. Ai Lin…I’m so touched and your words are so true…how amazing is He and how deeply he loves us. A journey of discovery. Keep sharing, it’s wonderful!

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