Who you are…

At this moment at Bethel,the church is hosting a conference.So, the 1200 students were lovingly asked not to attend because then there will be no space for the people who registered to come.  Luckily the staff used wisdom and opened Twin view campus for us where we could watch the conference on a big screen. Still, the staff had to divide us up to come in different sessions because we are just to big to fit in Twin view!

On my group’s night we had a great time of worship. In midst of singing I heard this faint whisper in my soul. ” How can you have a small calling if your Creator is Me?” Up until that moment I did not realize that I was struggling to belief my value. When Jesus whispered that to me, time stood still for me.. My whole life flashed before me and I could see various circumstances where either I didn’t treat my calling as valued or other people did not treat me as valued. Not that that is important, but I guess our actions just affirmed the lie what I was believing.

After worship, the speaker came up and I got drawn into what he was saying. His name is Shawn Bowls, I really would suggest that you get some sermons of his preaching! He started speaking about how God sees us and then started describing that God had us in His mind before the foundations of this world. We were created in Him before Adam and Eve ever set foot on earth. He said that when we were created, angels stood around and saw the magnificence of us humans. After we were created, Lucifer and a third of the angels got kicked out of heaven. They became evil and had very vital knowledge. They knew who we are and their mission is to stop us to walk in who we were created to be. Shawn said that in his life he sees a lot of brilliant people with incredible gifts in life, but their lives where ruined because the enemy also saw who they are and sowed destruction in their lives!

We all know people like that and some have happy endings, others very sad endings. But what I am after is did you know that you are like that? Do you know that you are so powerful? Do you know that Jesus calls you little Christ? Meaning that you are His image? You are like Him? Yes, I do know that Jesus is all powerful and I don’t want to take away from His Glory but instead I want to add to His glory. He died to give you the life that He is living now. This life that Jesus is living now is very, very powerful. When I see Jesus or just think of Him, I stand in awe.  Do you know beauty of Christ? He gave His life to you and He loves you with a fierce love of jealously. Hes doesn’t want the enemy to steal from who you are!

To me this is adding to His glory: To live a life that resembles His and to enjoy  the fellowship I can have with Him. Just imagine what the world will look like when we as the church of God start living the way that we have been destined to live. This church will be radiant with love and power. She will not be crippled with fear but instead will be walking with dignity and grace. She will steward this earth to the glory of Her King and no darkness will dare to steal from her.

How do we get there? I don’t know, but what I do know is the more I get to know God,the more I realize Who He is, I start to belief that He could not have created insignificant people, because He is not insignificant. He is mighty and so big. He is splendor, so how can He have created people that doesn’t reveal His splendor? As I look at my Daddy, He starts sharing me to myself. The more I look at Him, the more I start to see the true me.  This is so liberating! I also start to discern between the enemy’s voice and that of my Daddy.

My heart is burning inside of me, my desire is that all broken people would start to experience the beauty of God’s love. That they will start to experience the freedom of His cross. That they will start to taste and see that God is good. Our Daddy loves us unconditionally. I want to encourage you to start  to open up to Him and show Him your hurt. He will take it away, I promise.


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