Created fearless

We are at this moment in school doing a lot of word and inner man studies about who we are in Christ. This topic is one that is well known in a lot of churches, yet somehow I have missed it a couple of times. Maybe it can be because I was not at the right place, or my ears were not open to receive what this message is all about, I do not know.. but one thing I can say as that ever since I started to believe who I am in God I came alive.

My personal journey with embracing my identity started a little more than two years ago, when Daddy in His great power embraced me with so much love and compassion that all the walls that I had in my heart to keep love out, started to crumble away.. It was a glorious journey with a lot of tears and brokenness coming to the surface.

I want to say that the message of who we are in Christ is not a message but more a revelation that we can only receive from Jesus. This revelation encourages you to be very vulnerable and allowing all those things that you kept hidden, out of a fear that people will reject you, to come to the light. I was fortunate, I had Stoffel in my life at that stage. He, himself, went through this journey earlier in his life and could usher me back into the arms of Jesus and Daddy  every time I became overwhelmed with fear of what people will think and then want to draw back from my break through.

The one thing that became so evident is that my first identity is that I am a Child of God. Now I think a lot of religious talk made this revelation very cheesy, but allow yourself to think of that for a little while. The only way that this would really make sense to you is if you start to look at who God is. In my time of experiencing break through ( I am still learning so much about the love of God) I studied the book of John. John had this revelation of Daddy’s love and it was so evident in all his writings.

I came to realize that God is sooooooooo GOOOD!! His goodness is so big that I will never be able to find the end of His goodness.Also all His goodness is all turned to me personally. I started to realize how much He is actively in love with me. Little thoughts that I didn’t even realize was a prayer or that I even thought those thoughts,He answered daily and still does! God is so into you. He really does care! Religion made us think that God is far of and not personally involve with our lives. It makes us think that God is just waiting to judge every sin mankind does and that God is unreachable.. O, how wrong we are! Daddy loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day I was in the healing rooms. It was after the people that came for prayer went home and only us staff was there. We were standing in a group giving feed back about the day, when the leader asked if anyone’s lip is in pain.We all looked at him and thought how random. Then one girl started giggling and said that she burned her lip this morning with coffee but completely forgot about it. The leader then said that he believes that Jesus wants to heal it and she started to feel the heat on her lip and it got healed! Then she said the most amazing thing:” God really cares so much about me that He even heels my lip just so that I won’t feel uncomfortable!” That is Daddy!!!

I grew up with a great dad and can honestly say that I never lacked a thing. He was always supportive and I could see the sacrifices he made for me and my family.. but still I struggled to receive Daddy’s love and other people’s love. Not because my dad didn’t give it, but more because the enemy kept me from it. The fact that enemy steals that revelation must show you how powerful His love is because the enemy know who we are, so he keeps us in the dark out of fear!

He said that He created us fearlessly, in His image. A lot of us don’t walk in that calling,then what is the key to receive that revelation? Start receiving the love of God! Allow Him to come and transform you with His love. He wants to and He wants to lift you up so that the whole creation can see the beauty of who you are! A lot of us pray more of you less of me God, but that prayer does not make sense.. God is not a ego God that wants everything to be about Him. He is love and love is selfless. He created you to be powerful, to be living every dream that you have in your heart. He wants you to shine His goodness, but most of all, He created you to love on you. As Mark Broocks said:” You are the gift under the Christmas tree..”

You are so priceless and valuable and I invite you start asking the difficult question at first: “Jesus, how much do you love me?” Then allow Him to show you. It will be painful first because perfect love drives out all fear, but oh, how sweet it is to start to live without fear placing you in bondage all the time!

I am still on this journey,I don’t think I ever want it to stop. My desire is to be everything God created me to be and then to love Him with all my heart. To receive His love daily! He is good and sooooooo beautiful!!!


3 thoughts on “Created fearless

  1. Hey, ekt nou sommer weer al jou posts gelees! And I’m blessed! dankie dat jy julle ervarings met ons deel! Julle twee is steeds vir my ‘n inspirasie. Dankie. Liefde en seen vir julle

  2. heheeheheheheheheh this post is awsome. i think i’ve been going through this for a while now. i’m having fun-most days anyhow. keep blessing people, you’re good at it

    p.s. ek weet nie hoekom ek met jou engels praat nie :-/

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