Powerful women

A  couple of  years ago  our local church was looking at the policy of allowing women to preach from the pulpit on Sunday services. To me and a lot of ladies on our team, this was a very challenging time.

I grew up in a house where my dad had tremendous respect for my mom as a woman. He allowed and encouraged her to study further to really follow her dreams. This, I later found out, is not always common amongst married couples of our culture for that generation.

When this whole “are women allowed to preach” time happened in our local church, I was shaken to the core. It just did not make sense that if I am not allowed to preach, what is my calling going to look like then? I really felt called to preach, not only that, but preaching is a big aspect of my work.I decided to go to the Lord, since it is Him who gave me my calling and if it must be altered then He must tell me. Maybe I heard wrong, maybe it was meant that I will only preach to women and children.. something I did not agree with.

His answer after a stormy prayer session? “Linda, as long as women are oppressed in their callings in the church, that long it is going to take the church to stand up to her fullness.” Then it hit me, God wants me to be who He called me to be. He wants me to preach, publicly over men in a woman’s voice 🙂 ..I found my peace and then in my heart I never let the dream go that one day I can also stand up and preach the good news in a church setting.

The truth is that a lot of women were (are) suppressed. There is a lot of lies running around about how women must act and who they must be. You hear stories of women working really hard and when the promotion time come, it goes to a man. For some reason, women are not seen on a equal level with men.I am also not in agreement with the feminist movement. It is not the answer to opress men and shoot them down. They are also highly valued by God and respectable. They play a vital role in the Kingdom and we as women must honour them for who they are and their capabilities.

I knew that the thing that God said to me must still happen.. don’t understand me wrong..there are churches and organisations that really honour women in their calling,but the sad truth is that they are in the minority. Even here in America, in the land of freedom, you hear of stories where women are not fully supported in what they do or even allowed to be who God called them to be. One of my friends here, has an incredible anointing to be  a great leader of a church. Back in her home church she was politely asked to be part of the children’s ministry and to forget about her dreams.Then she came to Bethel and man o man, do these people do it differently! She is walking with full confidence in her calling now and I can’t wait to see what her life can bring to the kingdom!

Yesterday God started working to fullfill what He said to me more than three years ago. Yesterday, pastor Kris Vallotton started a series about women and who women really are. My jaw dropped to the ground,that’s how good it was!I don’t even want to go on holiday just to hear the rest of the series!

I am going to try in the next couple of weeks to post what he is saying. To me, this is the turning point in the history of the church and maybe the world. I am so excited to hear more and I will keep you posted!

Please understand that I do not write this to start numerous theological debates. I am writing this to give out a new perspective. To bring balance to our callings in our hearts as women and what God’s word actually says.. To all the men who reads my blog.. you guys are awesome and I want to thank you for supporting the women in your lives with their calling..My husband is one of those.I have so much freedom to dream and I know where ever I go I can walk in what God has called me to walk in!

To be continued…


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