Some testimonies

So, many people started traveling to Bethel to get prayer for themselves, especially the sick. One of the leaders came up with the idea of the healing rooms, to try and give these people, from all over the world, the quality prayer they were expecting. Every Saturday morning from 8am till about 2pm. They have two rooms, one being the encounter room – a chill place with a live band with painters and dancers .. when you go into the room, it feels alive! You wait in this room till it is your time for prayer, where after you will go into the second room. The set up in this room is much like a doctor’s practice where you will wait on the waiting chairs till one of the prayer servants will pray for you.. and then it all happens..

Just to give you a idea here is a testimony: Two years ago a man was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He had little time left to live. He was not a Christian.. not at all. So when his son told him that he should go to the healing rooms, 6 hours away from his home, he was very reluctant but willing.

He came with strict instructions.. people were allowed to pray for him, but not allowed to touch him. So he stood in the middle of a group and people started to pray.A twelve year old child, who was a prayer servant too, ( there is a lot of them.. no faith like a child’s) walked past him without knowing the rule of no touch and just touched his heart. He fell over under the power of God and was out for 40 minutes.While he was on the floor Jesus appeared to him and told him that He healed him

He went to the doctor immediately..They could not find a trace of the cancer in his body!! This was so unusual that the doctors brought in professionals to do tests on his body.. with no medical explanations to this day why the cancer had disappeared! They formed a board of doctors from the whole of America to research on this man’s body.. with no explanations..

On Saturday’s I get to pray for hundreds of people from all spheres of life.. many do not believe in Jesus. I have seen arthritis healed, legs grow out, arms grow out.. all this happened because little me prayed..

I have to honestly say that this really shakes my mind.. but there is no denying it any more.. Jesus is alive and He still heals people of all diseases.. like He promised He would do..

I love Him..


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