Gifts for Christmas..

Bill Johnson once said that whatever break through we receive here at the school is a break  through for our families and friends back home. So,I decided for christmas that I am going to share with you what break through I have received since I got here.This will be my christmas gift to you!

One thing that this first year of school really focus on, is our identity in Christ.I have heard this so many times, but I think, why this teaching is so powerful here is because you can see the impact of it here in this church. These people here really treat you according to the way Jesus sees you. It is so liberating and so peaceful.. I guess the peace makes sense, because perfect love drives out all fear..

Just a testimony, many of you know me.. but what you wont know about me is that I am very very hard on myself. I use to hate it when I make a mistake, especially one where it affects someone else. This obviously happened quite often,considering the work I did. I was so hard on myself that I actually started to believe that I have the power to break people,families and ministries. This is why leaving Stellenbosch was so difficult for me because I was convinced people believed that I had Stoffel under my spell and that I was dragging him away from his destiny. Actually, not a very accurate picture of my husband. He is as solid as a rock and  when God tells him to move he moves, doesn’t matter what I say or do. I lived in constant fear that I will disappoint people.

Until one day, I was going through a rough patch and came to a place where I had to go and speak to my revival group pastor about what I am going through. I feared this because of my thinking which was if I want to  get the problem away from me, I must illuminate me. I sort of expected to sit down with her and go through thousands of ways of how I should control me.Was I surprised when the opposite happened!! She gave me so much love and kept on telling me who I am in Christ. She kept on telling me what a great girl I was and that she cant wait to see where I will end up one day. When I told her my problem she just laughed over it and told me I am made to fly and this thing wants me to stay grounded. Then she made me shake it off and that was the end of the dreaded meeting! I was shocked but so free at the same point! I walked out there really refreshed and then I thought about it a little bit, which leads me to my second gift..

What if what Jesus did on the cross was really true? I am confronted with this question daily, not in an negative way, but more because of the weight of the answer.Jesus sat us free.. this means sin is not really something that we have to control in our lives, but that we are actually free of it.. this is why my pastor laughed over my problem..because in reality it did not belong there. It must go!

This started a bunch of fresh revelations about Jesus.. for instance, if He says He is powerful then He is not powerful according to our little human understandings of powerful.. He is powerful according to the Almighty- God- that- has -no- end understanding of powerful..can you see that we as humans will never on this earth have a understanding of His power? So why do we limit Him then by trying to figure out or explain His power? I learned to stop trying to understand God and rather trust the truth about who He says He is .. and that brought freedom on a new level!!

My next gift I want to give is the gift of love and joy.. This is unexplainable and just something I can give.. Mann, it is so much fun to love people and to have joy!!I stand around people in worship and just look and look and look! I am amazed at how people express themselves! I came to realize that before I was not walking in perfect love because I kept trying to convert people to be like me.. or the best me I can imagine.  I struggled to allow people to be who they are and to actually be different and have issues! About a two year’s ago I started to believe  and receive the Love of  God in my life and for me. This was the beginning for setting people free of my expectations of how they should be! Now, it is fun to watch people and really enjoy them!

The last gift I want to give is the gospel. I can’t actually give it, because Jesus already did, but I can write about it. Since it is Christmas and we all celebrate the birth of Jesus, I think talking about the gospel wont be out of line! To me this is what the gospel is: Jesus came to earth to set us free from the strong hold of the enemy and even the ultimate punishment, which is the curse of death. This is not the physical death but more the spiritual death. We humans, exits out of 3 parts,body,soul and spirit. We received our spirits when God breathed into us when He created us, now when the sin fall happened it was these spirits who died. Ever since before that death happened, God had the  redemption plan there,but because He is a God of covenants He had to respect people’s choice of how they want to restore the broken relationship with Him.

That is what happened in the old covenant. It was God allowing His people to try and restore their relationship back to God. Because God is a holy God, He had to set down rules to help the people of God to come in relation with Him.. Since He cannot sin, He had to get the people to a place where they are also without sin before they come in communion with Him. This is where the law came in, and all the law did was to make people actually aware that sin is not a action but actually a nature and doesn’t matter what they do, they will always fall short of the glory of God.

The New Covenant is where God takes up His side of the relationship and try and restore it from His side. He did it perfectly, by sending His Son,Jesus, as a man to come. Jesus came , born of the Holy Spirit, of a incorruptible seed,in other words, He wasn’t born with the sinful nature. His Spirit was alive with God and that is how He lived His life on earth. Because the people broke the relationship with God through Adam, they were under slavery of the devil. For that reason Jesus had to come as a man, because He had to fight the enemy in the form of  who the enemy had in slavery. He fulfilled every law that God placed for people to obey in order to come in union with Him.

As a man He lived completely dependent on the Holy Spirit. And when He  died, He died innocently but took all that we were guilty of on Him. When He raised from the dead, He overcame the enemy and his strongholds and made a public spectacle of him.Through Jesus all people were adopted as God son’s. This means that our Spirit man came alive in Christ and that we have the same spirit that Jesus has! We have the same power and the same capabilities not to sin anymore!

All people are children of God,some only chose not believe that yet, and it is in this season that I remember my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who does not  know their Glorious Heavenly Father yet!

Merry Christmas!


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