Crown of Wisdom

Stoffel and I decided that since we are away from friends and family, that we are going to do a marriage course.Bethel have some excellent marriage counselors!

They have one course in particular that is sooo excellent, so we enrolled! Wow, what an incredible journey it is so far! The first lesson was all about honesty.. it is expectant of spouses to share all their pain and frustrations from there marriages with the group and with one another! We have not been married very long so we just stare  in wonder at the older couples as they share their journeys. This reminds me of something I want to talk about today,,

It has become very evident that the older you are, the less of great life you are going to have. Young people do not respect you and because of technology we start to believe that older people is not so clever.TV shows tells us that parents are dumb and just a fun spoiler. The enemy is really out to seperate the generations by turning them against each other.

The prophesy of  last days speaks about father and sons being turned back to each other. I believe as believers we must start responding out of that prophesy.The bible speaks about your grey head as being a crown of wisdom. See in God’s eyes, there is wisdom in age.. something that is very rare in the younger generations. A couple of weeks ago, Kris Valloton came and shared about the value of Fathers in the church.He shared this story of Bill Johnson’s dad. Bill’s dad died of cancer. In the last week of his life, Bill and the whole family, took him home and all stayed with him while he was in a coma. They never left his side,scheduled shifts to have different members of the family next to him all the time.  Kris asked if he can also just come and sit in the room.. and one night while Kris was there, Earl, Bill’s dad, woke up out of his coma.

The whole Johnson family was so excited to see that and then Bill asked his dad to speak a blessing over all the children and grandchildren. One by one the family came and sit next to Earl and every time he just blessed them. Kris was sitting in the corner trying to stay out of the way while watching this. Then after everyone received their blessing, Bill told his dad that Kris was also in the room. Earl turned his head and looked at Kris and whispered ” I have always loved you.”. he then slipped back into the coma and died the next morning.If you know the story of Kris, you will know that his own dad drowned when he was just three years old.His mother remarried twice after that, every time with a man that did not like Kris. He had a huge father’s wound, but through his life and with this story, God brought a lot of healing to his heart.

I understand that many of us grew up in families that was not pleasant. I know that there is stories out there that will just break my heart when I hear them, but my friends, God is a Father. He is a Father that loves you unconditionally and the only way for you to receive this love is through forgiving your parents and then to start to honour the generation before us. He never wants His children to separate.

I had a incredible Gran and was with her two hours before she died. She was an incredible woman. From a young age we honoured her for who she is, and now I look at all my cousins and me included and I can see her in all of us. The treasure that she carried is still alive in us because we honoured her.

That is the thing, you do not know what is inside of someone. They might not look impressive, but sometimes it is especially those that carry a weight that this world desperately needs.  My life is filled with incredible parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents.. I am proud of my heritage and I know that one day we all are going to stand in heaven and worship God together! May you find that too!


One thought on “Crown of Wisdom

  1. This so amazing!!That is so true.I love being around older people they know so much.Especially people that have been walking with the Lord for ages.When I meet one I have to ask them:What is the greatest lessons you have learnt so far?or Being closer to the end of your journey than me that is just starting out,what wisdom would you give to me?
    Each time Im amazed at the answers.
    Is it possible that a part of our inheritance is in them?Not that it should be the only reason why we shld hang with them.So tired of spending time with people for all the right reasons.i just want to be with them..from now on…

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