While I was on my mission trip to Ecuador, I was hit with a couple of revelations.. one of them comes from Galatians 5:1″ It is for freedom sake, that Christ has set us free.” One night at a meeting, I showed this scripture to my leader of my trip. I was in hysterics.. because with all honesty, like with everything in the Gospel, it is too good to be true..

I mean there are no ‘ifs’ after that scripture in the rest of the text.. In fact Paul rebukes the Galatians for going back into doing the law! I am no theologian, so I am not going to type about what exactly this means.. but I will share with you what I have learned that night when I showed my leader the scripture.

He asked me to go and share it with the people.. according to him, I must go and share the joy! By now I was past hysterical.. you know that hysterics when your mind just can’t comprehend the goodness of the information which it just received? So up I went.. I read the scripture.. and nothing.. nobody was laughing at the good news except my team. It was then that I realized it. We don’t know what freedom looks like, so when it passes our way we can’t celebrate it because we can’t recognize it. In fact we are so out of touch with freedom that when we receive it we somehow mess it up again just to go back to the place of bondage where we, in a twisted way, feel safe again.. because bondage is familiar to us. This exactly what I believed happened to the Galatians.

Recently I was challenged with some bondage thinking.. At first I did not recognize it.. Let me explain: My personality has been criticized through my life as being flirtatious.  As a twelve year old girl, this is very painful if this is the reason why your girlfriends don’t want to be friends with you because they see you as just a big flirt that flirts with boys. Through the years I was faced with the same  thing over and over. Eventually I have arrived at a place where if  someone shows me interest it is because I have made the big mistake of flirting with them. Being married, this thing became more intense. I started to cut of all guy relationships out of fear that my uncontrollable disease would ruin my relationship with my husband.Bondage.

Until recently, see because of Christ and what He has done for us, I can be myself. my intentions are pure, but more than that, His blood purified and cleansed us so much that we became a new creation. We don’t have the fear the uncontrollable sin because it is not within us anymore. This brings freedom in so many area’s. Today my husband, who by the way, is not insecure at all because of my “flirty” personality, pointed out that the people that I have met here and became good friends with is just like me.. they are pure in their motives and don’t see me as a flirt and neither are they flirting with me. My friendships are a resembling the kingdom.. fully free to express true love, without the fear or guilt of sinful habits. It was my mindset that brought the bondage.

I know that this might be a silly example. But I want to encourage you to go and taste God’s freedom. How do you recognise it? It is the moment when you feel fully alive.. we were created to live free, so if you feel fully alive it just means that you have stepped into the freedom that God has for you in that area. I want to encourage you to go to Him. He is not a angry God.. in fact I believe that there is a scripture that says that He has once and for all made peace with the world. Once and for all means just that.. once and for all.

Back to my scripture in Galatians.. if it is for freedom sake that Christ has set us free don’t you think that will be the biggest thank you we can give Him if we actually live free? Eventually the people did laugh out of joy!


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