Stop and smell the flowers..

Yesterday in class we had a time of worship… there is something about the Children of God coming together to worship their Daddy out of a place of intimacy. The atmosphere is tangible with the love transaction that is taking place between our spirit and His Spirit.. Miracles happen in atmospheres like this.. because when God enters a room, Goodness and love comes with Him, because it is His essence…

My little miracle was a moment on the carpet in between hundreds of passionate lovers pursuing their God. I was sitting there like a little toddler, once again amazed at the fact that I am actually here and actually experiencing something that was a dream in my heart. The next moment a older woman leans over and whispers in my ear;” I see a baby carriage..” My heart sank.. “please noi a baby word..” I wanted to say.. But she continued:” God is telling me that you are the baby..You can just relax and be safe.”  Immediately I could feel my whole body relax. I am safe.

One of mankind’s most desperate need is to feel safe. We were created to be safe in Daddy’s hands, but once again the devil came with so much hurt that our hearts cant trust good and then we go into performance to secure our safety. When this lady shared this word with me, I started thinking of what it actually means to completely trust God. So many people email us and ask us of the miracles we experience, but even though every time we see a miracle happen we rejoice gladly, the truth is that we learned this year that we can actually trust God with our whole hearts.. See the miracles is just a normal act of an Incredible God.

The miracles just point to a Daddy that is absolutely so love sick that all He wants to do is drown us in unconditional love. His character is good.. He is trustworthy and Almighty. If I think of these combinations of His character I can only come to one conclusion: I can trust Him. He is for me. What a honour.

In this school year I have come to the realization that in my limitedness as a human being, I am fully celebrated by One very Magnificent God. This makes me feel contend. This makes me feel peaceful, because every miracle that flows out of my hands is just an extension of His Goodness that He pours into me.  Bill Johnson says it like this: ” The Holy Spirit is in me for me, but upon me for others..” My work according to this quote is just to stop and smell the flowers..


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