Love Story

One time I was laying on the floor in worship and the Lord said to me: “I want you to lay here and not do anything. Don’t try to focus on Me, don’t try to connect with Me or worship Me, don’t try to direct your thoughts at all. Just do nothing.” So as I just lay there doing nothing ( I just might have been laying on the beach). The Lord took me up in a vision. In Acts 10 Peter sees a vision. He had just finished praying and started thinking about his stomach. While he was thinking about his stomach, he fell into a trance.

In my vision I was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress. Jesus was there and I noticed that I was wearing a wedding ring on my left hand. (This was before I married Linda). Instantly I knew that I was married to Jesus, and it was beautiful. I could feel his love radiating towards me.The Christian in me said: ‘Jesus, it’s amazing, we are married! But we will have our wedding feast in heaven someday? What shall I do in the meantime?’You see I wanted to do something. So He stepped forward and said we just dance. So we started dancing. It was amazing!!! I felt so special and loved. While we were dancing He kept on saying over and over. “Can’t you see its a love story?” Every time He said those words it sank deep into my soul.  A few years later I realized that we are not having a wedding feast one day in heaven. Rather we are already in heaven feasting with our Lover.

One day I was driving in my car listening to American Christian radio. There was a song playing and the guy was singing that Christianity is more than a bunch of truths I need to believe, but rather a heart that has fallen in love, a heart that has been stolen by Him. You see He has captured my heart. I am an incurable romantic. And He has made me that way by constantly pursuing and romancing me. Before He saved me I was lost and couldn’t do anything for myself. I was a damsel in distress 🙂  He came and saved me from the clutches of sin (the big bad wolf) and married me. Hollywood is preaching the Gospel without even knowing it. He he he…   Today nothing has changed. I am still so dependent on Him. Every day I am the prodigal son. Spending my joy, love and peace in the world and then my Daddy comes running with open arms and kisses and we have a feast. A feast of the lamb thats been slain once and for all. The older brother is standing outside grumpy because he doesn’t realize Jesus has done it all. Everything the Father has belongs to him, the problem is he is still trying to work for it.  Sometimes I also become like the older brother, but then my wife would tell me that grumpiness does not suite me. I love you my love 🙂

When I was a young Christian, deep in my heart I used to think that maybe its only a love story when you are immature with a whole bunch of issues. But then as you mature its not so much about love anymore but more about doing stuff for God. You know, grow up and do something great for God. Not so according to Jesus and Paul. Jesus said whoever wants to be great should become like a child and Paul near to the end of his life said that he counted everything as rubbish except to know Christ and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith. I found out the other day that before the new testament was written, Song of Solomon was the book that the early church read the most. They had a revelation that the Bridegroom had come. The more I ‘mature’ the more I fall in love with Him and the more we dance and have fun. Song of Solomon has become my favorite book in the Bible.  I realized He is even better than I thought He was!

Author: My Husband, Stoffel Fourie


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