One of my favourite things to do is to listen to music while I am typing my thoughts. It is almost as if the melody of the music stimulates my thinking and creativity… I write according to the rhythm of the music and it is always fun to read it afterwards.My most favourite is when I have worship music in my ears.. then it is as if my union with  the Spirit starts to manifest in the absolute delight of creativity.

I have heard somewhere in class this year, that the word Son, as in the Son of God, in some kind of ancient language in which the Bible was written, literally means Sound. Jesus is the Sound of Heaven! Scripture tells us that in the beginning when God created the earth, Jesus was there with Him and that through Jesus, reation was created. He is the Sound! He is the Sound that releases creativity!

One of the most famous bands in history, the Beach Boys, woke up with a problem one day.. they did not have a new sound. So the lead singer brought his band together and suggested that they should pray and ask God. That prayer session revolutionized the music industry. After that the album “Pet Sound” and their famous song, “Wouldn’t it be nice.” was released. To us this sound is nothing significant, but this was the first band from that era that used alternative instruments, like whistles and bells, in their music. After the release of this album, album covers also became an art work! Just one prayer session!

It not only stops with music, there is so much power in creativity. Recently, I had the opportunity to pray for sick people in a very unusual way. At Bethel’s Healing Rooms, there are two rooms, one room is called ” the encounter room.”. In this room free worship is played by a live band. People paint, dance or just sit in this room. A friend and I were asked to draw prophetic pictures for people. Now, I can’t draw to safe my life. So this was little bit of a challenge to me. I had several people come up to me and all of them was significantly touched by my child-like drawings, but my favourite one was a lady that received a drawing from me about her future. When I did the drawing I had no idea why she was at the healing rooms for. Only after my drawing, I asked her why she needed prayer. She had a brain tumor.

The next day I saw her at church and she happily told me that because of my drawing she started to receive hope for her future. When it was her turn to receive prayer, she was so joyful and only received from God. .. and then the strangest thing happened to her..Because of the tumor,  she could not walk without falling. She walked out of the healing rooms, without any stumbling.. and while she was telling me her story she was standing straight and walked away from me completely healed!

Just imagine a world where people start living a dream that God gave them..even businesses are a expression of creativity!

In this year I came across so many artists.. I saw their beautiful work and I know that they are listening to the Sound of heaven to express their creativity. There is a freedom in creativity, there is a joy in creativity,there is a peace in creativity..because Creativity is a Person..and He died and gave us His all.. let us receive it and run with it!


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