Activating your core

At school I was a very good netball player. Today, I look back at my school days and am thankful that I had a sport that kept me so busy that I had no time to get in trouble. The position I played was center. The role of this position was to start the game every time.. and also to be the back up player when someone couldn’t throw the ball to someone else. When this happened it was my responsibility to make sure that the one with ball has someone to throw to. The qualities of a center was to be very quick on their feet and to be very fit. The game changed direction very quickly and because I was key in connecting I also had to change direction very quickly. For this to happen I had to activate my core.The best was to keep the core activated through the game, this will help me not to be taken by surprise. All pro sportsmen have a very strong core. It is out of your core that you move. Most people who struggle with back pain normally has a very weak core. The weak core forces the back to carry all your weight and skeleton. What is your core? When you tighten a belt around your waist you normally pull in your tummy.. that muscles you use to pull in your tummy is your core muscles. ( to exercise your core you can pretend to fasten a belt and pull in your tummy. Keep it pulled in and walk around. Do you recognize a difference?)

While being back here in South Africa, we met up with a bunch of people. It was exciting to see all the old faces and meet some new ones. One conversation still stays with me.. It was a conversation about being a Christian in the market place. Now I am not in the market place and I have no idea how tough it is, but being a person in a broken world I can relate to some of the stuff that the people face in the market place. I stopped telling people that I am in full time ministry, either they became very uncomfortable around me ( something I do not want.. you can be yourself!) or they have experienced pain, either in church or with other christians, and then they see me as a perfect person to take out the wrath they carry with them, not realizing that I am also a person learning to live this life.

This conversation about being ” in the world” made me think. I looked at my everyday life and started to see through the eyes of a person that is not in ministry anymore. I allowed myself to experience the disappointments of everyday life. Soon, very soon, I was anxious and stressed.. and I am on a 3 month holiday! 🙂 Understanding the gospel, I know in my heart that Jesus did not only die for people in ministry to live a victorious life.. No, He died for ALL to walk in freedom and Joy.. So why then, do we struggle? I can’t talk as someone in the market place and we can come up with a bunch of strategies to help the Christian in the work place.. But I realized, for myself, to live a life of peace,joy and righteousness, I have to activate my “Core”.

What is my “Core”? To me it is the core believe that because of Jesus and the cross, I am righteous. It is understanding that God is Almighty and nothing can overcome Him and because I am His child He is always for me. He is my strength and my hope and my joy. He is alive and through Him miracles still happen daily. I am not without hope.. Have you read the stories? One of the toughest kings in history could not keep God down. When He wanted to move His people,He did. He made the sun stand still for one day so that His people can experience victory. The Israelites was not a bunch of people in ministry. The stuff that they struggled with was every day stuff and every day God was their deliverer. The news gets better, today we stand in a new covenant. What does that mean? This means that the same power that operated in
Jesus, making Him so powerful, is now working in you. You have become one with Christ, the redeemer of the world.You carry the power inside of you to make an everlasting change. You are the one making history with your actions and creating futures with your words. He gave everything He is and has for you.. Do you know the power you carry? Sickness,poverty and bondage must bow down to you.. because it has bowed downed to Him at the cross!! You are victorious!!

Colossians speak of the mystery of God being revealed at the cross.. What is that mystery? Christ. And Christ in you..

May I share a secret? You have to know your Core to get to know the powerful you. Get to know Him.. intimately.. We are the hope of this world. We are His bride. The day I got married I did not hide behind Stoffel and waved now and then.. no, I stood proud next to him, proud to take on the powerful Fourie name.. I loved every moment of the day when my bridegroom adored me. Received His adoration.. stand in awe of this Jesus that even overcame death for you. Together with Him, nothing can stop you. Like a hero of mine once said, Ruth Fitzgerald: “Those who know that they are loved are unstoppable.” Lift your heads and lead this world.


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