Daughter of Significance

Last night I was chilling with God when He said to me:” Linda, the way that humans see significance in life is not the same as the way that I see it.You see significance as something you have reached by your accomplishments or your anointing. You talk about living a significant life referring to have a life full of purpose and great exploits. Significance to you is to be well known around the world. I see significance by the value I added to it. Linda, I added My life to you.”

Knowing God, I knew that I have to think about this for a while before I can respond back to Him. My thoughts went through my own thinking of the last couple of years. Yes, there is incredible people out there, but what made them significant?

Graham Cooke once said that when He goes through a difficult time, his default position is that of a much loved child. This came up in my mind while I was thinking of what God said to me. This quote also is true in my life. I am a Daddy’s girl.This means that what God said to me in the beginning  comes out of this understanding between God and I.

My own father does not judge my significance by what I do, he judges it on the love he has for me. I can be the biggest drop out in this world, but when I hurt myself, my dad’s heart hurts because of his value that he added to me as his daughter.

I then looked at God and realized that my significance is directly derived from how much God loves me. I do not have to proof my significance in this world, I can just live my significance. I am already significant.I shared this to my friend Grace this afternoon. She then made a vey interesting comment. She said that this means that everything we do is significant,so we can just relax and enjoy it.

My question to you is how much time and joy was stolen from you by your pursuit of significance? How much performance stole from you by trying to be the most significant mother to your children? Or most significant friend? Or most anointed preacher?

Being significant already releases you to enjoy the small things of life. Understanding that you are significant removes the pressure of life to actually be something and then you can trust and enjoy this beautiful life!

I am a daughter of significance because of my inheritance as a much loved child!


5 thoughts on “Daughter of Significance

  1. Thanks Linda

    That was so beautifully put. I know I have wasted so much time worrying about a life that looked a certain way, that measured someone invisible ruler, trying to make my life have value. The revelation came for me when I realised I have Christ in me, I am Him represented on this earth. Me in my weakness and useless humanness can offer a loving Christ.

    I am so blessed by the added perspective. It is really amazing!

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