My grandma use to come into my sister and my room after we got in trouble with my mom. We would lie in bed complaining about how my mom was so unfair and how bad life is. She would then come and sit next to us and say:” You can’t complain, you have the best parents in the world.” My sister and I would just look at her in unbelief, not sure why she would come into our room and come and tell us that. Did she not notice my mom being a spoil sport?

I look back at that now and I realize that my siblings and I really do have the best parents in the world. My mom loves us through everything, fights our battles, comfort us when we are sick and with all honesty, I am 28 years old and I still get spoiled rotten by her. I love it! My dad has this amazing ability to really uniquely connect with each of us in a very special way. He gave as so much freedom and yet you always know that he is only a phone call away. When I was at Varsity I knew that I knew that I can phone my dad any time of the day. He was ready to listen and give advice.

One day I was standing in worship, thinking of my dad. The next moment I heard God say to me:” I want to show you how great Papa I am.” This is when the journey started between Papa and I. This was over 8 years ago.

I can’t describe to you how good a Daddy our God is, I can only speak as a Child of Him. I have noticed that when christians don’t realize how greatly they are loved, they struggle so much with insignificance. I know of so many people ( christians and non christians) that struggle with shame. Their whole life they spend hiding from God, not realizing how much Daddy loves you and that He accepted you WAY back. Performance and drivenness is to me another sign of people not understanding the Father heart of God.  Anxiety, fear etc. There is so many signs that show of a luck of understanding of the Father’s Heart.

Daddy’s heart, to me, is the equivalent of a very deep, unconditional love. My favourite thing to do, is to sit in His presence and allow Him to love on me. To receive love, there is the risk of vulnerability. We live in a society where vulnerability is not really celebrated, it is actually discarded as weakness. But I have come to understand that Papa’s love makes me strong, so vulnerability is the gate way for me to a very deep love. The love of Daddy is already there, it is the receiving that Love that is the problem.

The longer I walk with Papa, I have come to realize that He does not give commands. I hear so many Christian say  that God told them to do this and this and then they obeyed. What I have found in my life is that Daddy share and my heart ,that is for Him, breaks and I go out and do. True obedience flows out of intimacy. Intimacy is established by vulnerability and trust. As a child my heart is connected to His. To give a practical example: When Jesus says He only does what He sees the Father do, I imagine it is like this. Jesus saw His Father celebrate, so He went out and celebrate, the heart is celebration and that is the doing, the action is versatile. Like you can celebrate people by  giving them roses or just listening to them. That is the action, but what the Father did was to celebrate.

I have a lot trademarks from my parents that I saw them “do” and now it is in my life. My Dad ,for instance, is a man of integrity , so I became a woman of integrity. He has different life than I do,so our essence of integrity will play out differently by each of us in our lives.Papa says He no longer calls us slaves, for a slave does not his Master’s doing. He calls us friends.

Being a child of God is just that, being. You are safe in the embrace of Daddy, there is no  record being kept by God of what you do, instead there is a endless love that celebrates you no matter what you do. There is freedom to be you. He has created you in His image. You are good. So allow yourselves to live.

With all honesty, since I started to live as a much loved child, I had a bigger impact on the world than I had when I tried to impress Him. My heart is free to love and out of that flows the Grace of God, my eyes are fixed on Him and because of that I see people.

Just for one week, try and be a child of Daddy. Listen to His voice encouraging you. Receive His love. Be free.


One thought on “Daddy

  1. Hey Linda

    Thank you for another beautiful post. God is so moving and as you share this I know it is the same message God is sharing all over the world.

    Your blog is such a blessing to me.

    much love

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