What if God is as Good as He says He is?

Tonight,while I stood  behind the stove ,cooking away, (I became the perfect wife recently when I discovered, against all odds, that I can cook.. and actually like it 🙂 ) Pandora was playing in the back ground. One of my favourite songs were on, Over the mountains and the seas, played by Delirious.

This song took me back to the beginning of my walk with God. I learned something very early in my walk with God and this song just reminded me to do it again. I learned to turn my attention to my connection with God. I usually do it very often, and my measurement of my connection is normally peace. I have come to trust this Peace so much that when I have to make a big decision and am pressed for time I go by my Peace.

Then I started thinking.. Peace governs my life about 98% of the time.. What an incredible discovery. I am in constant Peace! Please understand that I am not saying that I am perfect.I grew into this and I still have times of trouble. But the majority of my time I am at Peace.

What made the shift? My only answer is that a couple of years ago my husband took the time and explained to me the Gospel.  The Bible teaches us that for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Rev. 19.10 Learning of Who Jesus is and what He did at the Cross for me prophesied over my life the Hope of which He has called me to. That hope is for now. For at this moment.For this very second.

I once heard a beautiful story of a lady who lived during the second World War. Every afternoon she would walk into her garden and encounter a Presence in the back of her garden. It was a sweet, peaceful presence. Many years later she got saved and was filled with the Holy Spirit. She immediately recognised the Holy Spirit’s presence as the same Presence in her garden all those years ago. God was there in her darkest hour. She just did not know it was Him.

One thing that use to really irritate me is when people hear I am a Christian and then start to act differently around me. It made me shy to confess what I belief. I am not weird because I belief. All I am is a person, who was in turmoil,now redeemed and completely taken by a Good God. I am not better than anybody else, I just encountered an everlasting Peace and have Hope. I have learned through my years that worry really just does not add another hour to my life. I have learned to recognise that my hope is in God. That God is a very, very Good God. My life is a testimony of His Goodness.

The other day I was troubled. I was worried about our future, the economy and what we are going to do when we are finished in America. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. The best of it all, I was in the prayer room when I was thinking all these dark stuff.

Then I heard Jesus say. “Linda, I am Good.”I started thinking of what will my life look like when I actually fully belief and trust in His goodness? Do I realize that He is WAY better than I can ever think or imagine? Am I a dreamer? Yes, but so far dreaming with an Incredible Good God gave me one fantastic great life, but above that He gave me Hope. Even if I go through my darkest times, I am not alone. The God of Hope and Love is with me every step of the way.In those dark times, I am only a step of trust away of total Peace.

He has come and redeemed us of Darkness. We are set free by Him! We have a Saviour. Now we just have to realize that He is Good. In His Presence is fulness of Joy! Yes, we will go through stuff, but it is our own perspective that will determine our experience in those times.

Let us step out and trust in Him. Let us step out and trust in His Goodness. He loves us unconditionally. Let us step out and get to know this beautiful God, Whose heart is for us. If God is for us, who can be against us? He is GOOD!

In the song I listened earlier, the lead singer was singing of how grateful he is to God for what God has done. Today, I can say that looking at the cross, I am also grateful. He became my shame,pain,sin, sickness, rejection for me to become all of His Good and then to crown it all, He invited me into covenant with Him! It was a selfless act of pure love and bliss. Receive that gift and with it the hope of His Glory!


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