In the beginning of the year I felt like the Lord asked me to make this year to come a private year. My heart leaped with excitement! Stoffel and I speak about this very often, we also came to realize that we are extremely private people. I do not know whether ministry trained us to become private.. maybe it was just a mechanism to have something that belonged to us, because everything else was public.

But the more I thought about this, the more I realized that God is speaking about my relationship with Him. In today’s very open social networks, privacy is very difficult thing to protect. I know that lots of you will say that I determine what I share, and yes I do, but my facebook is still my facebook so can’t I share whatever I want on it?

I looked back at my history with God and I see two huge private conversations I had with God that altered my life for the rest of my life. One was about Stoffel. I had a talk with God about my feelings for this man MONTHS before I spoke to anyone else about it. He asked me to keep this discussion between us. When I eventually did share with a friend, my security was so strong in God that no disappointment could have altered my view of how Good this God is. My faith was strong, and today I am happily married to the man that started as a private conversation with my Daddy.

The second one was our move to America. God spoke to me MONTHS before I even spoke to Stoffel about it, and then we kept it between God and us for MONTHS before we spoke to anyone else about this. In a week’s time we are returning to SA after journey that have shaped us so much that I think we will only see in eternity what God has done. I will always treasure this experience as the best experiences of my life. This includes all the relationships we made.

I am not giving a formula. I am not saying that to keep things private that God shares with you is the way to get the promises fulfilled. The way I see it is, it created intimacy in my life. It created trust in my life. It forced me to ask myself how good I actually think God is. When I think of my marriage with Stoffel, it is our privacy and intimacy that makes us us.There is something special about us sharing a moment that  no one else can experience with us. It makes us exclusive, and that makes me feel beautiful and him treasured.

How much more with God? He is a relational God. He shares of Himself every day, every day He makes Himself vulnerable with us. Stuff that He only shares with you and no one else. Has our relationship with God became a public declaration for us to show other people how great we are? Last time I checked, our faith is what must be public, not our treasures. I honestly believe that a lot of insecurity is harbored in believers today because when God shares something with them, they go out and share it with a person, who has good intentions, but is not in the same place as the first one.The reaction of the person receiving can create doubt in the one sharing, and then this can lead to a lie that you can’t hear God’s voice.

With this I am not saying to not speak to others about what you hear from God. There is definitely a place for that. One of my favourite things to do is to bounce my thoughts of my peers and leaders. I try to remain teachable for the truth to penetrate my heart. So my golden rule that I established in my private conversations with God is to always surround myself with solid truth. It is through those filters that I then commune with God. Solid truth breathes on the spark in your heart and makes it become a big fire. When it comes to doctrine, I always check with the Word of God and with teachers that I trust and can see freedom in their lives. But when it comes to my life and God.. I keep it for a while till I feel a release to go to someone specific whom I trust and then I share.

Regarding our move back to SA, we have the right people in our lives to help us and at this moment only share the necessary information with the rest. The reason for this is, we are still in a process and don’t want extra stress about explaining to everyone why. ( you may think it is only you asking, but we receive hundreds of emails asking why.)Please understand that one day we will share, but right now we are moving back from a different continent and trying to settle into a new lifestyle. We appreciate the extreme excitement about our return, it makes us feel loved, but please respect our privacy about this for  now. 🙂 What I can say, is that we are EXTREMELY excited about South Africa and for our next season and are looking forward to bring the Kingdom of Love with our fellow believers! Thank you for all the prayers and support through the last season!

I am going to end with sharing a treasure with you that I can share now.. ( I feel released. 🙂 ) In 2010 Stoffel and I were driving to Cape Town when God spoke to me and said that they will discover a new flower in two years time.I told Stoffel because I was so excited! The other day Stoffel came to me with this news! I leave you with this link. ( I am not a technology guru.. so this is a “link” that you will have to copy and paste.. 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Private

  1. Love your thoughts, Linda. This is really true and somewhat rare in our generation where everyone wants to “speak their mind.” Love the new flower!

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