Loeriesfontein weekend

There are a couple of things that I learned this weekend: 1) God is not limited by the who. He loves and He cares and He gives. It is definitely not up to us to have a more “blessed” relationship with God than any other human being. I am for instance not “closer” to God than you, because He made the sacrifice once and for all for all human beings. That makes us all equally anointed, equally powerful and equally significant. Faith might make the difference in you and me. I was exposed to many miracles and was in an environment that operates daily in miracles, my eyes have seen and now I believe. You haven’t seen, but believe me, when you do, you will also believe. That is the only difference.. nothing more.

2) God absolutely LOVES Loeriesfontein. For my international friends, Loeriesfontein is situated in the Northern Cape in South Africa. It is a farmers community and the town is extremely small. As we were driving through town, Wiehann, our “guide”, tried to explain the culture of Loeriesfontein to us. It is a very traditional community and a couple of generations behind normal society. They are not exposed to the everyday things that we have, mostly due to distance. If they want to go to the doctor they have to drive very very far. There is only one church in this little town, the NG church.

The community is a close knit group. They love the Lord and really believe in Him, but they were never exposed to something like prophetic words and healing. Some of them heard about it before and that is why we went, but this little group is in the minority. Why the big intro about the town? Because what amazes Stoffel and I the most is the absolute favour and love that God has for this little town. Keep on reading and you will agree with us.

The Saturday morning we had a meeting which was open for all, but only about 15 people came. We were told that this little group is the more “liberal ” group. It was as if God wanted us to bless this group for their hunger. We started sharing about healing.. and hit a wall. Questions came and both Stoffel and I could see that we are going to be asked to leave.. 🙂 We asked the Holy Spirit for wisdom. We took a tea break, before it was my turn. I shared some testimonies and  then prophesied over all the people. As my words hit home I saw that these people knew that this must be God. It was so specific that there was no way that I could have known this about them! There were tears in their eyes and many received new hope in their faith. We then called out words of knowledge about sickness. Again they were a little reserved . One of the words was about a leg being shorter than the other. By chance it was our “guide” Wiehann who had the shorter leg. We asked him to come and sit in the front  and Stoffel invited everyone to come and see how Wiehann’s leg will grow.

Curiosity is a blessed thing! The group came to the front and stood around Wiehann. Stoffel asked them if they all could see that the one leg is shorter, they all nodded yes. Then Stoffel commanded the leg to grow and right in front of everyone’s eyes the leg grew  PAST the other one! I heard the surprise and looked up.. tears in every eye around me. Crying because of the Goodness of God. We prayed for some more people and all were radically touched. The atmosphere had changed. God tangible amongst His people!

Next we went to the community outside of Loeriesfontein. This community is mostly farm workers who live there and are very poor. When we arrived it is as if we stepped into a festival. Music was playing and people were dancing, praising God. There were about 80 people. We sang and danced along and then we had our turn to preach. I asked the host family whom we stayed with to ask the Holy Spirit specific things about the people that were going too. They received something and as the meeting started, we gave them a opportunity to call it out. It was beautiful to see this family step out in faith and God met them where they were. People responded and miracles started happening. The first miracle that happened in this meeting was when a member of the host family stepped out in faith and prayed for a deaf ear to open ( this was a first for him) and then it did! The community went hysterical! We could not stay for 2 seconds without someone coming up for prayer. Some people left to go and fetch their families. It was Godly chaos, but so much fun! I prayed for a lady who had cataracts in her eyes. Her sight was so bad that she could not walk long distances by herself. I prayed for her twice and the second time she could see clearly! She was crying of God’s goodness. I also prayed for a little baby who had problems with his shoulder blades . It did not attached properly. I prayed and the mom could not find the problem after that!

Stoffel prayed for a guy’s sight to improve. His one eye was completely blind. The “good” eye was also in a very poor condition. After prayer, he could see clearly out of his “good’ eye and he said that something was happening in the blind eye. We are waiting to hear more from him ! Stoffel also prayed for a deaf ear to open and it did. He prayed for a young man who was in car accident and could not use his right side of his body properly. He received movement back in his right arm. There were so much more. I was amazed at the host family. They prayed for people, testified and much happened through their hands! We led 5 people to the Lord.

Sunday we had the opportunity  to preach in church. Please understand when we say traditional, it is traditional! But so beautiful! Stoffel preached and then I came up and felt like God wanted me to share prophetic words. I gave two words and just from the crowds’ reaction I knew that we were hitting the spot. Stoffel gave this random word. He said he can’t see this guy in the church and then he shared the word. A very specific word about this guy that loves to ride on his motorbike, that he has all these questions about God , that he was frustrated. We left it at that.

Afterward we prayed for people for sickness, we prayed for a deaf ear, it opened. We also prayed for a man who we did not know that he doubts in God. We prayed for his shoulder and hip.. both caused him extreme pain. As we prayed his eyes welled up. We asked him to test it out and he just stood there without words.. tears rolling down his cheeks. ” I now believe.” he said in absolute shock. We still did not know if our prayer had worked. We asked him again to test it out. He looked at us and said again: ” I now believe” and lifted up his arms and swung it around. He lifted his hip and made funny movements. Healed. 🙂

We prayed for more people and as we walked out to our host family, there was a young man standing talking to him. I looked at him and instantly knew that this is the motorbike guy that Stoffel talked about. He said to us that he heard that we gossiped about us. Stoffel was confused and immediately I said: ” you are the motorbike guy.” I saw the shock on his face. He asked to speak to Stoffel. We left the two of them and went home.

Later Stoffel told us that this guy was told by someone that there is no scientific proof that we could hear God’s voice. The prophetic word that Stoffel gave in the church was very specific in describing him. He was not in the church but people phoned him and said that we spoke about him in church. He thought that maybe we were told about him and that is why we spoke about him. Our host family who knew him very well assured him and said that no one spoke to us about him.

When I met him and immediately said that this is the motorbike guy, he was shocked. In his talk with Stoffel, Stoffel spoke more to him about the word that God gave Stoffel about him. He was very sceptic about God because of that fact that there is no prove that we can hear God’s voice and in one day he was proven wrong and was introduced to a very loving God.

We stand amazed at this weekend. We made dear friends and are so excited for Loeriesfontein!


3 thoughts on “Loeriesfontein weekend

  1. Ongelooflik mooi Linda. Ons Jesus is net awesome … loveitloveitloveit … kan net dink hoe die gesiggies verander het toe die been begin groei! AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSS. Lekker en dankie dat jy die stories share – baie lekker aan hierdie kant. Tone krul van die lekkerte. Whoop whoop!

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