Unwrapping the gifts…

Last night I was reading through Romans 6.. Joy joy Romans 6!! Romans used to be a very difficult read for me.. I strugggled to follow all Paul’s teachings and figure of speech. Until I read it out loud from the beginning to the end.. and Romans 6! What a chapter!

When I read this chapter my heart wants to burst of energy! It is incredible stuff! So let me back track.

A couple of weeks ago, Stoffel and I were sitting in front of our “Kaggel”. ( fireplace) My hubby was very philosophical and asked me my thoughts. At that precise moment I was thinking of this: ” I am One with God.” Now this sounds very every day and somewhere we have to agree and say yes we are one. Our minds were trained to say “amen” to statements like this not realizing the full impact of the words.. So let met type it slowly. I . AM . ONE. WITH. GOD.

Let me just say it again: “I am one with GOD.”

We normally approach God from a human’s perspective.. That is normal since we are humans, but you see, God asks us to renew our minds and to repent { re meaning turn pent meaning top} In other words God is asking us not to think like humans but to think like Him. Now that is possible because we are one with Him and are our thoughts and His thoughts are the same.. ( wait a moment, even the evil ones? My answer to you is can God have evil thoughts if there is no Evil in Him? Then obviously the evil ones are not from Him and not from you. Because you are one with Him.. You are like Him.. So that makes you without Evil.. so evil thoughts can’t be yours.)

So let us think from God’s perspective then about this statement. You are One with God. What does this mean? Let us just look at God. Firstly, this world is hungry for gods. Look at how we follow famous people, reflecting a God like idea on them. I catch myself that I think that Nelson Mandela must be such an awesome person and so powerful that when he walks the earth tremble.. No disrespect to him, but you see he is just human. What makes him powerful and life changing is the fact that he is one with a God. The only God. The only true God.

Let us look at the word God. Ages ago and still today people recognize the special power that comes with a God. We recognize that there is a form of Supernatural authority in gods.. But they do not exist. God does. And you are one with Him. For you to understand who you are , you have to realize who God is. When you realize who God is you see yourself. Why? Because you are one with God!

Then who is God?

I am this journey myself, but to me this who He is: Love. He is unconditional love. Power wrapped in Love. He heals people because He loves. He saved the world, because He loves. Peace. He doesn’t worry about one little thing, maybe because He knows Himself and knows all things, I do not know, but He is Peace. This peace is unbelievable. I have seen and experienced myself this extreme peace. You cry when you experience it. It is as if your heart finds rest. This leads me to the next one Rest. He is rest. Joy. Man, God knows that He overcame the evil one. He knows his strength , He knows that He has set us free. He knows that he can just enjoy us. That is one extreme joyful business! Imagine this, here is a God who overcame the evil one even death, Who sits on His throne and who is all powerful Whose essence is Love and He is the absolute Truth! AND He never fails!!!!!!This is crazy! This means that in Him you are safe,powerful, loved, peace, overcomer,authority and this whole picture makes God beautiful!

My heart burns when I start to think like this, He is alive and He is glorious!All things that He say is the truth. Just imagine this: If God said that you are loved then that is the final say. He is the final authority and the truth. That is a lot of power. Nothing can stand against Him. Nothing!

Now, the most beautiful thing abou Him is that we are His children. He created us in His image. Think about this. You are created in God’s image. Does God have physical Image? No, then what image is He talking about. His Spiritual one. This is were many of us go into performance, so let me make it simple. I look like my mom physically, I don’t try and look like my mom,I look like my mom. It is not a effort, it is a natural flow of her genes in me. No performance. Similar Spiritually. You look like you Daddy in Heaven. Not trying to look like Him, you look like Him. For so long we have been teached to act like Jesus, or we were that what would Jesus do bangles, but the truth is you are one with Him, so the most natural thing for you is to be like Him. It is not a brain thing , it is the truth. Truth is solid. Nothing can move it. So the truth is where you are sitting and reading this at the moment, you are radiating God. You don’t even have to try, it just happens. Because of your DNA. Now, to pray for someone is also a natural flow, because as we watch our parents when we are young we mimic them. Today I have so many of my parents little behaviors because I watched them for so long. To pray for someone is the same. Jesus said it himself,” I only do what I see the Father do.”  Using the natural example again. My dad loves to joke with people, so naturally all our siblings do the same. We already have the voice, so now we go in action and joke. You already have the power of God in you, so the action is to pray. Makes sense?

To end of I just want to say, to discover who you are is life changing, it removes all performance and rituals out of your life and just brings you to a sweet spot with God. No condemnation because there is none from God. He is in perfect peace with you and you cannot disappoint Him. Explore who He is. My heart becomes troubled when I see so many people stuck in doctrine. We started us vs them groups, but all of that does not matter from God’s perspective.  His view of you is magical and beautiful. So instead of searching the scriptures to discover the right truth, rather search Him in the Scripture.


May you have a blessed day.


p.s I leave you with Romans 6.. Go read it!




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