Yesterday I waited for a friend to meet me for lunch. I sat at my table minding my own business, reading emails and tweeting away. when I heard this heart breaking sob behind me. I turned around and saw a lady in her mid forties with sunglasses on. It was raining outside and we were inside, no need for these sunglasses except that she was bawling. I was so shocked to see this brave woman reveal her emotions in the public but when I heard her words to her friend who came rushing to her side seconds later, I understood her. ” He left me, It is over.” She was heartbroken.

In the same time span I receive a text from my husband to please pray for other dear friends of ours. He ends the text with how bad he feels for their situation and how desperately he wants them to be ok. I arrive at my email this morning, just to have received another email from a friend going through turmoil. All real hopeless situations.

When I was at varsity, my best friend and I went up a mountain one day to pray. We prayed for her boyfriend, me to get a boyfriend 🙂 and our families. We were gone for two hours and when we arrived back at home there was countless missed calls on both our cellphones. Her boyfriend passed away while we were on the mountain. Heartbreaking. I had no clue how to support her and I was speechless. I remember at his funeral I stood outside , trying to recollect my thougts. We were young and never thought of death. It became a very harsh reality in matter of seconds. A friend of ours came up to me and asked if she can pray for me. I nodded and allowed myself to receive strength from her support. Hopeless is all I could feel and overwhelmed. After the prayer my friend looked at me and said : ” Just be with her, You do not need words, just be.” And that is what I did.

This advice is true for all of us who supports someone going through a difficult time but I think that it also best reveals our Daddy in Heaven’s heart towards us in sorrowful times.  I believe when we have reached that point of complete hopelessness, all cried out, He comes and sits next to us.His being of strength radiating over us rubbing of on us and before we know it we have received supernatural strength.

Being hopeless is not a sin. So many times us as Christians allows the enemy to come and tell us that our faith is weak that is why we have no hope. We feel condemned that we do not believe enough, endure enough,trust enough. The truth is we are children who needs to rest. Our true restoration comes in complete rest in Him. In His character. He is a Daddy, He will take care of you in dark times. He will strengthen you and He will give you hope.

Just be.


3 thoughts on “Sorrow

  1. The best line in this whole post is: Being hopeless is not a sin. It takes a lot of courage to be weak and vulnerable and allow ourselves to mourn and be sad in difficult situations. Love this Linda, love it!!!!

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