Biggest Compliment

This morning I had my worship music on very loudly, I was suppose to clean the house but my puppy got more attention. {cutie} While I was mock barking at him I heard this question in my head. ” What is the biggest compliment for you to receive?”

I am a woman and with that comes all the little battles like weight, beauty, comparison. I have made peace with some battles and with others I struggle less with and then there are those nagging lies that I have to face everyday. As you would have noticed through all my posts I had a journey with accepting myself and above all really come to grips with how much God loves me. This knowledge put me at ease and when I do face those lies I can easily shrug them off. So why this question?

Would it help me if someone compliments me on my hair? My house? My looks? My work? My cooking skills? Yes, but I still have to believe that I already have it for it to really make my heart at ease. Have you ever notice this before? Only when you feel confident does a compliment really hit the spot. When you are insecure compliments make you uneasy.

Going through this process I realized I am not even close to what God wants to reveal to me through this question.

Then it hit me, The biggest compliment I can ever receive is to see that people feel at ease around me. When they feel loved and celebrated. Even though I just met them. This shows me that they pick up that I do not judge them. I see them according to the way God sees them. Magnificent! I don’t want them to say to me that they feel at ease I want to see it.

I remember a couple of years ago I was ministering at a prayer line. A young guy who knows that I am prophetic came up to me and asked me to pray for him. I normally don’t like it when people ask me to give a prophetic word for them. I see the prophetic as a love language and when it is forced the romance goes out of the window.But when I looked at this young man, I could see he was in such turmoil. So I waited and asked God. I waited some more.. Ten minutes passed and nothing except one word. Forgiven. I started saying it over and over and over. In a couple of minutes this young man was on the floor bawling, experiencing the release and peace of unconditional love.

We all want to be accepted and celebrated. The truth is that we all are by God! It is us humans who out of own insecurities and hurt reject and become harsh. I even see it in churches. Stoffel and I went to visit  a church here in Hermanus on Sunday. We loved being around people and worshipping God. We loved the preacher as well. He was bold in his message and we honour that! Through his sermon he said over and over that people are free to believe what they believe and then stated what he believes, it is very controversial but yet the way he presented it made me feel at ease. He was himself and secure. Yesterday I walked in the shop and a couple, who was also at the service, noticed me and said that they have a question about the service. I thought that they also enjoyed it as much as we did. How wrong could I have been. They started dishing this preacher and his message! My heart broke for these people. They were responding this way because they believe unconsciously  that other people have more power in their lives than themselves. They were horrified and never wanted to go back.

The truth is that you got a brain to think for yourself. You are the captain of you soul. You have been set free. In this battle of doctrines I sometimes get the feeling that people forget about the One who holds all Truth in Him. They forget about the love relationship and they start to focus so much on what other people believe and they judge people accordingly.  That is what makes love so powerful. It covers all.

I have set it in my heart to live a life free of judgement. The most beautiful thing to me in this world is Love. I was at Shell garage the other day and saw a beautiful picture. I saw a black couple and a white couple laughing and talking in a car. My heart was happy, in light of what our country went through, this is what the dream is now! How beautiful and without prejudice. The biggest compliment of them all.


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