Balanced life-Skipping seasons

I will be honest, the last couple of weeks was really tough on me. Don’t worry, this will not be a complaining post! 🙂 As I have mentioned a couple of times before on facebook, I really do not like winter… and this winter is the worst winter of them all! This is my fifth winter in a row!! Yes, we had some sunny days in between, but somehow I want to agree with the guy from Ecclesiastics that there is a season for everything.

Seasons are very important. My body told me the last couple of weeks how important is summer.. or even Spring. Your body somehow knows that Spring equals new beginnings. My body craves Spring and Summer! The poor thing was stuck in fall/winter mode for far to long! The last couple of weeks I was bone tired. I thought exercise will give me energy but somehow it drained me even more. { I still Love it though} So I went on a two week hibernation. Except for the outside influences like building my own business, moved to a new town, moved from a different continent and all the emotional stress that goes with all of this, my diet also were influenced with this new era in our lives.  I need summer fruits! I have been on naartjies for far to long!! Did you know that Papaya is the healthiest fruit with all the nutrients that your body needs in it? And it is a summer fruit! You see my dilemma?

This past Monday I had enough.. the sun was shining and it was actually warm. I took a walk with my camera and ended up walking 5km with a 5kg backpack! It was fabulous! I made some decisions on this walk and one of them was to get back into a balanced lifestyle. I grew up in one and really like to maintain one, but with all this flying across hemispheres I let this one go. Since it is { still } winter I walked to a health shop, ordered some healthy  herbal vitamins, iron tablets and vitamin C. I started using it on Monday and already feel so much better! My hibernation ends this friday, so I am back in gym next week.

This is a long intro out of my personal life to actually talk about what is on my heart. I know that for all of us it is very important to be important. We have this need to be recognized,cherished and celebrated. This is absolutely ok, mainly because the One who created us is the One that fulfills these desires. He also established families { communities } to help along with the fulfilling of these desires. You believe a lie if you believe that you only need God. Nope, sorry, if that was true why all the other people on the planet? Why the beauty of communication and the beauty of experiencing touch? Anyway, catch the rabbit.

I have noticed that if we do not know who we are, we go into performance mode to fulfill this driving need of being important. We believe all sorts of lies that pushes us to a place to actually feel important. Bill Johnson once said that if you are searching to be significant, you already missed it. You are significant in your being.  You do not have to prove to be significant or work hard or push hard.. or pretend to be someone you are not. I hate lies that brings division amongst people. I have noticed that the lies around the quest for significance are the ones that brings about the most division.

Performance steals from our much needed seasons. Because we push so hard we don’t let things go it’s natural way which can cause damage and hurt later on. This goes for all walks of life. Spiritually though, I have met countless people who push hard on certain revelations. They skip seasons and in this quest miss out on fundamental parts of their journey. You have to go through everything with God.. Why? Because it is a relationship. Not a contract.

My husband Stoffel is one of my many spiritual heroes.. he doesn’t often speak about deep stuff. He believes in keeping things light.. but numerous times when he does speak to groups of people, my mouth drops open. The wisdom of this man is astonishing. Once I was actually upset that he has all these revelations and never shares them with me. He looked at me and said but can’t I remember how he told me about him thinking of this and this scripture? He did that but never gave his insights.. just that he was thinking of these scriptures. This man is a well of wisdom and I had to learn to trust this. I tend to overreact and think that he is drowning.. meanwhile mister wisdom is going deeper with His God.

His relationship with God is what impresses me the most. He wakes up every morning before me and says: ” Morning Daddy, what is on your heart today?”  { he doesn’t know that I know this 🙂 } He learned to listen and trust. Once we were going through a difficult time. I was squirming and restless.. he was sound and peaceful. After awhile out of frustration I asked him if he is not worried? He answered and said that he is but he also loves going through a difficult time because then he experiences God’s tender care. He learned to go with joy through every seasnon. Lots of people do not understand his move out of ministry. We have received a couple of odd phone calls from curious people. Firstly, I trust my husband decision and know that his heart was at peace to move out of ministry. He now has a wonderful job and the man that I see today is so different and very strong. Maybe this would have never been achieved if he stayed in ministry? I don’t know and do not want to play what if games. Secondly, he is happy in his new season. I believe that because he embraced the ability to make the most of every season he has endurance and joy while going through it. Anyway, there goes the rabbit again.. 🙂

I want to end of this post to really encourage you to engage in your seasons in every sphere of life. Don’t push for something if it is not the time for it. Let it be.. As Mr Ecclesiastics said.. there is a season for everything.

I have my own business now and the other day I had a day of looking back. My business is officially running now since May this year and I have achieved lots since the start. I am really blessed but I have to constantly remind myself that I still have to play. I love photography and don’t want all the competitiveness in this business to steal my passion. So I force myself to stop and smell the roses.

I googled who the number one wedding photographer is in the world the other day. His name is Jonas Peterson. He is a Australian photographer and his work is stunning and different. I showed Stoffel his work and we read his “about”. I believe his success lies in the fact that he is doing his passion and because of doing so,he embraced every season in the walk to where he is today. And look at the fruit. wow.


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