My Birthday: saying goodbye!

It is my birthday today! I woke up this morning from a phone call from my parents. They were teasing me about how I love my birthday! This past week I constantly reminded people that today is my day!

At this moment I am at my favourite coffee shop overlooking the ocean with whales playing in the sea as a view. I am typing away on my blackberry!

Why do I love my birthday? Because I realized that I am celebrated. The last couple of years my understanding of my value through Papa God’s eyes grew! Yes, yes I might sound self centred but because of this understanding and love for myself my love for people also grew! Sounds familiar? Jesus asked us to love our neighbour as ourselves. I can see the value in this now!

I marvel at the people in my life! I truly do enjoy every single person I come in contact with. Even those who make me angry sometimes! 😀 Love is a powerful thing. It is the centre of peace and power. Love boosts confidence and bravery. Love just makes you feel whole.

This past week my husband and I said goodbye to a very dear and loved friend of ours. Someone who played a vital role in our personal love story and our spiritual love story. She read my blog everytime and was my biggest fan!knowing that this will go up without her breaks my heart. She lost her short battle to cancer on Monday. She was brave because of the love that she was aware of. She embraced eternity with her Daddy with dignity and bravery! I salute her and pray for her close family and friends. Marie, ons gaan jou mis!

Life is unplanned but wrapped up in the blanket of Love, you will be able to conquer it. And celebrate it!

Happy birthday to me and please wherever you are, eat a piece of chocolate cake on me!


2 thoughts on “My Birthday: saying goodbye!

  1. Linda watter pragtige woorde en ‘n inspirasie vir ons almal. Jy het my nou ver terug laat dink. Mooi dogter en nou ‘n pragtige jong vrou. Dankie vir die pragtige inspirende stukkie. Liefde Tannie Riana

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