I am woman!

Today I blogged myself on my photography site. Vain one might think, but my internet is down and I was looking for some place to work. I had to go to a coffee shop with wifi but could not drag along my whole work space I worked with while I am in my office. So only the good old macbook came along and my webcam photos are obviously on it. So I blogged my pics I took with my webcam. The whole post was how I changed in apearance since a year ago.

I looked at the photos and was astonished myself at the big changes. I got glasses, but what astonished me the most was my make-up. I never wore any… At all. I didn’t like the feeling of it on my skin. But today I do! ( I think my mom just gave a sigh of relief! ). I can’t say why I decided to wear make-up, but I can tell what the inner change was that caused this revolution in my own life.

I am a woman.

This past year really proved to me that I am a woman. I started to come alive in my job which is very creative. I then discovered that I love business and I am launching my second business real soon. As the journey passed,I became more and more comfortable with my female aspect.

Being a woman is fun! Religion tries to tell us to hide. We hide behind our husbands, or the quest for a husband. We hide behind our children and our ministry.We even hide behind our relationship with God.

We do so much except to stand still and allow the world to adore us for the beautiful creatures we are. Obviously I do not say this in refering to us being adored in a lustful way.

But let us be honest. There is nothing more beautiful than a radiant and happy woman.

I went through a phase recently where I noticed these adorations. At first I was very uncomfortable and I tried to hide again. I ran to God and prayed and repented if I had any contribution to it. But then the ever faithful Daddy pointed out my reason behind repenting and that was that I stilled believe that being physically beautiful is a wrong thing.

A woman’s beauty can be a weapon or a explanation. In the story of Samson,beauty was used as a weapon. Beauty can be used to get what you want. We see it daily everywhere.

But a redeemed understanding of beauty knows that your face shines the goodness of God. Your beauty attracts people and combined with love, you can bring healing. Look at Queen Esther.

We have something to give this world as women. For long so many aspects tried to silenc us. I believe however that today’s liberalism in many countries towards women is God’s window of grace for us women to step up to the plate. I am not saying that we should lead like men. I became free in my being and am a business woman. But the more I discovered myself, the more I started doing business as a woman.

My female touch can be seen everywhere and it is ok. Yes, there is still men in this culture with the belief that women are less superior than they. I had an encounter with such a man just yesterday. I got angry and wanted to play the game as he did, but went for a prayer session first. Many moons ago the Lord showed me who has the right to unveil me as a woman to the world. It is my husband. So regarding this man, I send in the biggest warrior I know. Stoffel.

As women we need to learn how to trust honorable men. Let us trust and belief the best. But above all, let us stay in rest, allowing our beauty to be adored by men who are worthy to be in the presence of beauty like this.


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