People and Honour goes hand in hand..

I started writing this blog a couple of times. There are so many thoughts running through my mind.. I have been chewing, processing and talking just to make sense of it all.

It all comes down to Honour.

Honour-High respect and esteem.

Respect-a feeling of deep admiration for someone.

Admiration- respect and warm aproval

Approve-officially  accept.

In other words Honour means to highly admire and accept someone.

That is very loaded. To honour brought a big change in my life. I always thought I was considerate, but since I started to learn to honour people everything changed. Honour in it’s essence is self less. Honour is not given to receive back, it is just given to ackowledge greatness.

My first encounter with honour came about when I heard the true gospel for the first time. It was my husband who preached it to me.. the finished work of the cross. It is the most magnificent thing ever, this amazing God,who all mankind and living creature feared, made peace with the world and mankind for ONCE and FOR ALL at the cross. He laid down it all for us to pick up the perfect gift. Not only that, He also poured out Himself among His people to live and breath with us. He bought a freedom that can never be caged again.

He restored our human races identity. This is what really rattled my mind. We are a new Creation! I started to notice how I treat people. Do I really honour them for who they are? Not for what they did, but for who they are?

Today I was thinking, imagine if people actually honoured me? My last couple of weeks was horrific. I am running two businesses and countless time I came across situations where I am not honoured. It does hurt, but it frustrates me more. It sort of led me to a very self centered place where I joined the rat race of survival. I only give if I can get , I commit if you commit.. Today in my lunch break I realized that this truly is not cool…

I realized then that Honour went out of the door. I slipped into a place of survival. There are many examples in today’s world where honour is not being practiced. We find it in the business world, homes and even in churches.

Honour always keep the other person at the highest esteem. Imagine a world where this is still practiced and where you success levels was directly measured by your honourable status and not financial status?

Let us today start to honour, let us look upon people with an understanding that they are unconditionally loved and set free. Let us respect their hurts and pasts.. and not try and fix them. Let us respect their beliefs and convictions, and not try and convert them. Let us speak hope and peace, and not curse and judgement. Let us love and celebrate, and not compare and criticize. I can live in a world like this! 🙂


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