Summer Christmas

I once wrote a post around Christmas time and received a comment on that post from some sort of university  professor in some sort of head academic position, saying that I complained a lot and that the post was a horrid read!

So just to spare this ‘pure’ professor a horrid read on the evening of Christmas, I will not complain once! 😉

It is Christmas! While we were in Redding I wished for a white Christmas…Being far away from family and actually being used to having Summer over Christmas was not ideal on Christmas day. Snow would have been the perfect Christmas gift from Jesus to me. It did snow and I came to realize that I don’t like it at all! It is cold!!!! ( oops complaining, sorry Mr professor! )

With all the jollies happening in Africa over the Christmas season, I decided to make a Summer Christmas just as appealing as a “white” Christmas to our Northern hemisphere friends!

December holidays are our official, annual family holidays. I live in a beautiful coastal town just around the corner of Cape Town, called Hermanus. The town comes alive over the Christmas season as most of the home owners only pitch during the holiday season.

I adore people and love to see how families go to the beach together, set up camp, play a game of cricket and bodysurf in the waves. I love to see dogs running around, making it their new goal to catch the cricket ball! I love the smell of  “braaivleis”, and our evening jog next to the ocean.

But what I love most is to see the adoration of the One whom this season is all about. Yesterday I took a walk to our local little shop, bikini-clad, sticky with sunblock and sand everywhere – as is our Summer attire. Gospel music was playing over the stereo and plenty of my fellow shoppers were singing along to the famous worship songs. One man was even teaching his son, who was sitting on his shoulders, the words to the song.

Christmas in Africa is sun, cricket, braaivleis… but most of all Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

My beautiful town
My beautiful town

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