Here we go…

There is a post going around on facebook about  being more like your dog in the new year. Wait, I will post it…


I know that this is a joke, but while my pup with his endless energy keeps on dropping his very wet, heavy with all the drool, tennis ball at my feet while I am typing this,I started thinking.

We all wish to live in an ideal world. It could not have not been more evident these past holidays. My little town was flooded with thousands of holiday peeps taking a break from the real world. Us locals, were pretty much still in the real world and I heard many cries of frustration to escape.. including me, I mean, to be almost knocked over twice by a car while crossing a street on the pedestrian crossing is not fun! 😉

To escape this reality seems to be the only solution to our problems, but after many hours of pondering I realized, maybe it is not.

So in light of all these funny facebook thingies about not caring and enjoying your life let me just put it out there. We were created to be loved. How do I know it? Because our Creator is Love. It is in His essence and sadly,somewhere amongst the thousands of years between us being created and Him restoring us, we forgot that. Till to this day we miss the point.

Today I had a horrible day. It had nothing to do with work or the lack there of. I saw someone very dear to my heart get very badly hurt. My heart broke as I saw how medical help and all the self discipline came crumbling down. At the core of it all was the horrible lie: ” Am I not worthy to be loved?”

I know the answer to that deep question. The answer is yes, you are loved and yes, you are worthy. If I think of this and the reasons why I know this, my heart skip a beat of absolute awe in the wonder of the Cross. The simplicity of the gospel makes it clear. In plain language: a Very Good God ( God as in there is no one like Him, no beginning and no end in His Being, no human will ever understand the ultimate God state He is) {Good as in all things that you think He must keep against you, all things that you keep on feeling guilty about, He forgave you for and doesn’t notice.} CHOSE { we didn’t kill Him, Who can kill a God?} to lay His life.. ( His life is peace, love, eternal, healed, forgiveness, whole, accepted) down for us. He OVERCAME death { our ultimate enemy } and made us ONE { as in ONE, Like not two became one and there is still two halves, NOPE, UNO,EEN} with Him. Forgiving all { all as in EVERYTHING!!!! }our trespasses, making peace with us for once and for all. Then He rose and we are with Him in ULTIMATE victory.

This revolutionized my life. I remember the first time I heard this gospel, I was a christian for 7 years, and when I heard the gospel, I felt like I could breathe for the first time.The overwhelming peace and love I felt was beyond any understanding I ever had. I don’t know how to make you believe this truth but after today I have realized again, that people are worthy to be loved. It was not I who decided this, no this decision was made by the same God who made the choice of creating us. It wasn’t His ultimate sacrifice that is supposed to tell us how much we are loved. When He created us, He created us out of Love because He is Love.

Yes, life throws us lemons. I had a couple of years that at the end of the year I was relieved to see that year in the past. The question is how do we cope? How do we cope with all the demands and insecurities and uncertainties?

We let go the control of trying to be in control. I am starting a new job tomorrow. In Hermanus to find a job is kind of a miracle. People come and live here for the lifestyle and soon they realize that this lifestyle costs money. By the Grace of God I went for many interviews and got many job offers in Hermanus. A rare thing apparently, but yes, I turned them all down. I just did not have peace about it. Till today in my interview. The couple I am working for owns a guesthouse. I will help them with the management of this guesthouse, long hours I know, but I love people and where will I meet more people than in this setting?

What makes them special? They are maybe in their late 50’s and 8 years ago they were kicked of their farm in Zimbabwe. For my international friends who don’t understand this, Zimbabwe’s government brought in a law about reformation of farms where they would just drive onto a farm and kick the mostly white farmers off the ground and give it to someone else.

Many farmers lost everything that was in their families for years. This couple was one of them. They had nothing when they came into South Africa. Today they have a very strong business and are on fire for God. They have no bitterness toward any of the politicians or the people who did wrong to them. In my interview I asked how did they cope. I mean that is ultimate stress. To loose everything and run for your life?

He looked at me and said:” I learned to most liberating and powerful thing: I am not in control. I only have to manage today, the rest is in God’s hands.I learned to trust God and He has never failed me once. ” WOW!

My motto for 2013? I want to, instead of hiding in a cave, love people bravely and unconditionally. I want to take risks in relationship and in business. I want to walk away from 2013  exhausted but content that I lived and through my living I trusted. To escape this beautiful life is not the solution. You have a very big capacity. You can do this and when you fail, no one can judge, because we are all in this race. God is faithful, let us for once see how much.

happy new year.


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