God and money..

I have started a new job this past Friday. As much as I liked working at the Guesthouse, the hours were just to difficult. After much prayer and chat with Hubby, I came to the conclusion that my priorities for this year will be completely undermined if I keep on working at the guesthouse.

I went for an interview that was advertised for one position at a business in town. I got a second interview and then a third. In the third interview the director of the company came clean. ” We already filled the other position. You would have never fit into that position, so we created a new position for you.” My jaw dropped. This was not planned, I just wanted a normal 8-5 job that will give me freedom to focus on my other two businesses and a project hubby and I started. They want me and created a position for me sounded very…. uhmm.. well, corporate. Meaning, I have to climb the corporate ladder? Not planned at all..

I have learned through the years to go with the flow. I keep on moving with my life till I loose my peace. How do I know I have lost my peace? It shows in my marriage. I become very dependent on Stoffel and very needy. Day two of working at the guesthouse I came home irritated and needy. Stoffel looked at me and said;” I bought the Hermanus Times, there are some jobs advertised. ” Very grown up of him! 🙂 Anyway, that is how I came to be in this newly created job. Back to the flow of things.

I am very creative,I have realized  that at Bethel. I started my own photography business and absolutely love it! I love the business side of things the most. (It requires huge amounts of creativity to run your own business.) But being in Hermanus, where having a degree is directly an indication of your income, made me think. Stoffel and I do not have a poverty mindset. We believe in leaving a financial legacy for our children. We were so blessed with both sets of our parents having the same approach to life which led to us having endless opportunities. But life is getting more expensive and we are trusting God for more ideas to be able to leave this legacy.

At Bethel our mindsets were radically touched by the mindsets of people in business. We have come to realize that the biggest set back that you can have in your finances is a survival mindset. It is that mindset of the one talent guy:”I am just going to protect what I have now, because of fear of what might happen if I do loose what I have now.” God is a God of abundance, there is more than enough, we just have to step out and play with this in mind. Let go of control regarding our finances and keeping everything tight in your own hands, trusting only yourself to be able to survive.

I have had numerous jobs offered to me in Hermanus. I have learned to ask why they want me? They normally answer and say because they can trust me not to steal from them. Then we speak about salaries. I name my price. They look shocked and offer a third of what I ask, just enough not to be taxed on it. I say: ” No ,thank you.” Sad thing is that because of desperate times they will find someone for that price and hours. But this person normally has a poverty mindset that will be tempted to steal from them. Being in this town for a year I see this cycle over and over. These businesses never thrives.

Then you do get the companies that believe in paying their people well and they are booming! What is the secret? Their mindsets. A prosperous mindset sees value in people and what they might add to the company. They will go at lengths to invest and together they all will reap the benefists. There will be creativity, life and energy in the team.

A poverty mindset will do exactly the opposite. ” Just do the job  I pay you to do.” That is exactly what they get: A person working for the company,no motivation, not being creative and just killing the long hours not adding value to the company. Soon this business will come to a sticky situation where the MD is the only one that have to think for the business and due to high pressure and stress can’t seem to think creative. A Poverty mindset believes that working hard will get results,they keep themselves busy with nitty gritties that does not add value and just keep them busy.

Where a prosperity mindsets works hard building legacy and to empower a community. Being creative, they set up a vision, systems and a flow and work accordingly. Because there is little stress involve due to innovative people all pulling their weight, they have enough time to expand their business, generating a bigger profit and investing more into their people.

A Poverty mindset trusts God for more money,whereas a Prosperous mindset trusts God for ideas and opportunities to leave a legacy, money not being the object of their faith.

Africa is the richest continent in this world, yet we have the highest poverty stats. I think it is time to change our mindsets. Where else to begin than in your business with the people that work for you. Let us start acting like the ten talent guy!



2 thoughts on “God and money..

  1. Linda this is hectic!!!!!!! Ek het nie ander woorde nie. I am currently in a company where they have this mind set. Argggggg I am so irratated!! But Ja this is awesome!

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