Reality Check

Sometimes I  break through all the mind clatter, all the doctrines, the theories, the whys and worries and just sit and get to the heart. I love Daddy God’s heart . I love how His love melts my resistance , how His peace infiltrates my tense shoulders. His Presence, when I allow it, overwhelms me and all I can come up with in words to express these feelings are:  “warm fuzzy feelings.”

I love the feeling of absolute freedom I experience when I have carried a burden that was not mine to carry and I finally realize it in His Presence. I love the safe feeling I feel when I am with Him. He is a Father and as a Father, His goal is to protect and provide. His love gives us identity, it sets our purpose and stirs the fire inside of us.

Recently I sensed Him asking me to have a reality check. Once again, knowing my Father’s voice, this “reality check” He speaks of is not the worldy reality check of criticism  and negativity.

My husband has this habit of climbing a mountain over weekends when he wants solitude to speak to God. In the beginning I let him go, recognizing the importance of a man’s relationship with his God. One day he invited me along. Those of you who know Stoffel and I would know that I am the talker. The first time on the mountain, I talked about all the stuff bothering me and Stoffel had no time to sit with God. I don’t know why he invited me again, but this past weekend we climbed another mountain. This time I sat and listened.

This morning, I heard Papa say to me again to have a Reality Check. Our little house is situated very close to the mountain and to the beach, so I took my dear pups and went up the mountain. Solitude and view added to the peace and love of God’s voice.

I sat and listened and realized that God’s truth is the reality check. His love and approach to this world is the reality check. His Son on the Cross and resurrection is the reality check. As one of my favourite teachers, Bill Johnson, would say: “We owe this world an encounter with Jesus.”

My heart breaks whenever  I see on facebook or in conversation of christians with bitterness towards the church. I once understood why they were so against the church. The church has made many mistakes. If only people will realize that God is not threatened by our mistakes. His reality is bigger than our views and understanding and wrong implementation of the Truth. His Redemptive Power and Grace is bigger than our wrong doings. Am I saying that we can go on with the destructive path? No, but we were not called to fight, but to stand. Stand in His reality.

What is His Reality? His reality is His Kingdom.  We were created as powerful beings. How do I know this? Cause our Maker is extremely powerful and we were created in His image. We truly do have the power to destroy. But countering destruction with some more destruction is not the solution. Let us rather try a different approach.His approach. He destroyed once and for all on the cross.. Now, He is doing something different and has been since Jesus walked this earth.

His Kingdom is in giving someone you really don’t like the benefit of the doubt. It is in the power of forgiveness and blessing your enemies.  It is very easy to say something negative and critical about people and church, but it takes real power to speak life. It takes His Spirit.

This morning I realized if I call myself a believer, I have called His Reality upon my life. I am a Kingdom dweller and where I go, His Kingdom and He goes..

This is His Kingdom and His Reality:

Rom 14:17 ”  For the Kingdom of God is not of meat and drink, but of righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

What a great Reality Check!



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