I am not dumb

Tonight over the dinner table, hubby looked at me and said: ” Linda, you are not dumb.” Now, you might think that this was part of a conversation in that context. Me complaining about not understanding yet another budget.. Nope, nothing like that.

We were in the middle of a conversation,but we were talking about our dreams. Or more accurately, hubby was dreaming and I was listening when this sentence dropped out of his mouth. My eyes shot full of tears, and only then did I realize that hmmmm.. maybe he just exposed a subtle lie.

When I was in grade 8 and 9, I did very well at school, and yes, like so many other sad stories, I was bullied at school. I am a very happy go lucky person, and might look like a goof ball to some very serious cool kids. I actually remember one specific day where all the grade 8s sat on the rugby field.A friend and I were having fun, giggling like little girls, when one of those very serious cool grade 8 girls stood and shouted at us to shut up because this group was already seen as a very childish group and that we are an embarrassment for the rest of the group. So at the end, I needed to put in my “place” and I was bullied by those cool kids. I changed schools but yet again I encountered those bullies. Same words, different voices. I stopped studying when I was in grade 10. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I literally could feel a fog of mist come across my brain and I went from a maturing young lady to a survival for the fittest teenager.

Today I am amazed at who I am. The satisfying feeling of my life is overwhelming. I am truly very happy and I know I might sound like I am arrogant, but I really don’t care. You see, I discovered where I come from. I discovered my value and for that I am eternally grateful. I mean, who can say at the age of 30 that I am happily married young lady, living dreams I never knew even existed? My eyes has seen wonders upon wonders and it just keeps on getting better. Like tonight when I discovered that actually I am not dumb! hahaha 😀

So here is the catch. We all think in this Western World that some kind of system will make this world a better place. We vote for presidents and laws to be past. All valid, but without people, it is all dead. The pharisees put their hope in a system. And look how that worked out for them.

You see, I believe when God abolished all sin and death on the cross, His eyes was set on people. On us. We are His glory. We all wait for someone to stand up and we applaud those who conquer difficult conquests. We are amazed at brave people and honour them. And yes we should, not because of what they did. No,we honour them because these men and women stepped into their true identities. And the consequences of that we will never see the end of. Think of our dear father of our nation, Nelson Mandela.

So here is my story, I allowed my heart to believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I allowed the promises of God to be my true destiny. I stepped into His embrace and still do every day. But most of all, I allowed Him to love me. It is His love that drives our passion, not His command. We follow the command because of the intimate love we know of our God.

Here is the truth, there are many ways to get what you want. You can step on other people, control them, manipulate them and many more. The world is full of those people, and yes they have success. But does that success have real power?If two armies have to face each other , one is crippled in fear of their leader and only follows commands out fear of punishment, the other one fights for the victory and freedom that was already given to them by their leader. Who do you think will win?

What happened at the cross was and always will be the most powerful thing human beings have ever witnessed. I think it is time for us to take responsibility for that. To really see what Jesus did. Like Bill Johnson says: “We owe this world an encounter with Jesus.”

Dreaming with God is your way. We have this thinking that to be truly influential we have to be in the public eye. I have countless faceless stories that prove otherwise.

The beauty of all this, you might think you are giving something up, but you are about to gain a hundred fold and more.

Yes, I am not dumb. Is it to late for me? Sarah thought so when the promise of Isaac came. And looked how that worked out for her. You are never to old to discover who God created you to be.


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