love makes the world go round-the thinking 30’s

I have had this urge to write the last couple of weeks. I have so much to say and yet every time I come and sit to type  my thoughts, it just didn’t seem right.

This morning I decided, I will push through this writer’s/creative -inspiration- yet- no- way- to- express- myself- block and just write… This is my third attempt.


I am turning 30 next month… through all this trying to write and thinking what to write, I thought a lot about this big turn of events.. ok, this will be a good time to tell you all that I have been very sick. Hence all the time to think.. I was stuck in bed for a whole month. My hubby and I had a couple of extreme freak out sessions during this time. Waiting for test results to come back all the while being really sick and stuck in bed. He, as always and so true to who he is, was a darling. {Darling became my favourite word, since that is what my doctor calls me every time he phones..} I was so weak that I couldn’t dress myself. Patient hubby was just there.. wrapped in a warm comfort blanket of Love.


I am way better now, and am on meds.. I will go for another check up real soon just to see.. and hopefully I will be well on my way with recovery. What was wrong with me, I hear you ask? Let us just keep it simple and say, I have developed a lung abscess.. You can go and google what that means. So breathing was a very big deal.


So why love? When you truly do not know what is up,  your whole soul longs for it’s oxygen, love. Love from hubby, from friends, from family but at most and most importantly, from God. Although I am not dying, I found that this illness really messed up my ability to “count” in this world.  That is when you realize it, Love. Love Love Love.. When you need it so desperately you soak it up… I cannot tell you how many times tears just shot to my eyes when someone loved on me this last month.

So often we speak of love. So often we say: “I love you,” So let me, who became a nothing in action, tell you, those words carry power. To know that you are loved, cures. To be loved, empowers. It carries hope. Love brings rest.


We have been set free by Christ at the Cross. I heard a lot of people say that true Freedom is the ability to not do the wrong thing.. but I liked Danny Silk’s words and it made more sense to me: “True Freedom is to love.”  True freedom is not to be right in your belief system, opinions or understanding, it is to love.

We have received this ability to love from God, our Creator, Who is Love. My answer to my own question to where to find this love is on His lap. Go sit on His lap and soak up this glorious oxygen that we cannot live without. Let He crumble all your walls that keeps you lonely, let Him crumble away all the judgements that you carry and let Him just Love.. Love you.


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