How not to become a prisoner of life

The other day I was walking in our town’s streets. My mind was flooded with all kinds of TB thoughts. I was thinking of the poor kids that were affected by their teacher with TB. I was thinking of the poor teacher who had started her treatment and what she was going through.

The next moment I heard a dry cough. My body chilled and as I looked up, I saw a very skinny, homeless man walking towards me with the very familiar cough escaping his lips. I started to panic. He was 3 meters away from me and was in the middle of a familiar cough fit while walking  towards me. Without thinking, my body jumped into gear and I dashed across the busy street to the other side. I avoided him.

As my heart went back to normal, I finally got a grip with what just happened. Never in my life would I ever try to escape someone, except if there was obvious danger. I felt horrible that I ,Linda, the TB patient, avoided another. The whole week I thought about this incident. There was obvious reasons for me avoiding the man. I can get TB again and I don’t want to. I am on treatment at this moment, so chances were that I would have been protected against his germs, but still, I avoided this man.

This past weekend, my ever so wise and cool husband asked me: ” How is it going with Linda and her TB Thoughts?” After 5 years of marriage, he can discern when I am wrestling through something. I thought about it and answered truthfully: “I am angry at people. I don’t understand why people would make reckless decisions. Can’t they see how valuable they are? Now they go around making silly choices that does not highlight their value.” ( I was so talking about myself here!)

The world is spinning very fast with the internet making it global. We can receive information about absolutely everything at any time. Just this past week, I read a blog written by a very popular radio personality from South Africa about why we as humans must not have children. He actually said that only the wise and clever people must reproduce, but the rest of us, we should save the world from our mishaps and not reproduce.

Fear is creeping in everywhere and it creeped into my heart about TB. When us humans start to fear, we handle it in one of two ways. We either control our circumstances or we become a victim of our circumstances. So how do we escape  this? Trust and perspective.

This is why I love LOVE the gospel. The beauty of it all is that Jesus has overcome this world and yes, ladies and gentleman, He then gave us the full power to also do it in our daily lives. DAILY! We walk daily in His Kingdom and it is only a perspective change away. This is also why I love church. We do get overwhelmed with this life,but to share your life with someone who can just nudge you back to God is so rewarding.

After Stoffel asked me about my TB thoughts, I asked him how he was doing. He answered truthfully and as I listened to him my gloomy perspective changed to one of victory. So here is something you did not know about us and our journey so far.

In the couple of weeks of me being very, very sick, I was in constant tears and fear gripped my heart. Every time I would go and see the doctor or chat to my dad over the phone, my situation just seemed more hopeless than minutes before. Due to a secondary infection in my lungs, they could not pick up the TB. The bad news, however, was that this secondary infection was also life threatening and resistant against certain antibiotics. At that moment I was fighting for my life and everyone in my close world could sense it. My husband went through  huge amounts of emotional stress with the unknown not making itself known. The medical staff worked around the clock to try and diagnose me and then to get me on the right meds.

One evening we reached a pinnacle of extreme stress. Stoffel took the pups for a decompress session up the mountain and I stayed behind. I was laying flat on my back, fear everywhere, when all of a sudden, a sense of peace and calmness entered my room. Immediately my body relaxed and I sort of went into a tranquil state. Then I heard His familiar voice: ” I will not leave you, nor forsake you. This too shall pass.” For the first time during my illness,hope flared in my life. {The beauty of this is I was not praying or seeking God’s face. He reached out to me and comforted me without me asking!}

This weekend Stoffel said that what really got to him is that he knew I was dying. Then it hit me, I am alive now and thousands of people prayed for me and the medical staff worked around the clock to treat me. I am a miracle. I started to laugh with relief washing over my body! I have Someone bigger than this world and it’s troubles looking out for me!

Yes, I can get TB again. But after this weekend I just realised again, that I have one life and I made the choice to make it a Kingdom of God one. I love Jesus with my whole heart and  He gave me the ability to not only survive this world, but to live in it powerfully.

Living a Supernatural life is not there to be understood, but to be lived. Because of who you are in Christ, your prayers actually have power. You can physically impact this world with your words. So why then, if we have so much power do we want to hide and escape from this world and let fear rule. Let His Love lead us and let His Hope shine in us. We are His glory here on earth.


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