In the moments of life…

I have an hour before I have my next meeting, my editing is up to date.. { SAY WHAT?}, Countrylove admin is up to date.. { THIS MUST BE A JOKE} and I have finished most of my admin for my third business.. Yes, that is correct, I am yet again starting a new business.. {WILL KEEP YOU POSTED}

Writing is my hobby, a hobby I enjoy thoroughly. I speak to my computer .. What you are reading is my conversation with my computer. So I have one hour of a chit chat with Maccie and you have the privilege to sit in and listen.

2014, goodness. It is still 9 days to go before the first month of this year is out and already I have been part of a funeral,said goodbye to a loved one,wedding,baby shower,birthday,international trip,seen far away family, celebrations of new pregnancy, celebrations with the birth of a new life and started my 3rd business. My ipad has become my most reliable “Friend” keeping my many moments of admin on track and most of all reminding me of all my appointments. My life has become vibrant and I love it.

I noticed over the new year celebration that a lot of people was so glad to say good bye to 2013.. the year of doom as I baptised it. It is no secret that last year was not my best year. One day I chatted to my Dad about this past year and said that I am so glad that the year is out. He looked at me and said, never wish for time to pass. Wisdom.

Although last year had its own journey to share with me and me being as far as possible out of control of it, I learned valuable lessons. Through my chit chat with my Maccie, you read about those lessons. For example, the value of relationships, family, being healthy and most of all being happy. As I am sitting here recapping this past month, I noticed that a shift has happened. I am more joyful, more at peace and seems to have a lot of energy. I think the one thing I have learned above all is to be content with what I have.

I guess what I am trying to say is that life happens. All of it. In just one month I, only one person, experienced all the important cycles of life. We do get freaked out by all of this. I did. But, through it all is a Lifeline available to all of us.

You choose how you want to live this life. And be ready for the consequences of that choice. If you choose to stay bitter, it will overflow to the rest of your life and will determine your walk. By this I am not saying that we do not process. We process this life, walk through every emotion, talk about it with friends,family and professionals, but then we deal with it and move on.

The other day I was chatting to a friend, she wanted to change her career path. She came to speak to me about it and how I went about doing it. I thought about it for awhile and then realised I was forced out of my previous job. That job and all that came with it, just did not fit me. I left with anger in my heart and I will show all of you attitude, ended at Bethel just to realise that there is so much more in life than a  I- will- show- you- attitude,competitiveness and control. There is Life.

Life happens with everyday choices you make. It happens with how you manage your life, not someone else’s. It happens with priorities you set in place and by executing valuable lessons you have learned. You build with what has been given to you and you build well. How did I become an entrepreneur? I just knew that I can’t go back to where I came from because I did not like that Linda. So I started fresh and with a desire in my heart … and today  I am happy.

My priorities are simple: Enjoy God, Enjoy my husband, Enjoy my businesses and enjoy my family,friends and pups. When I do not enjoy something, I speak about it. I have learned that confrontation can become a powerful tool to fix what is actually broken. I speak till I get an answer, whether its is go away or ok, let us do this again.

This year I want to fly, I don’t want to hold back. I believe that God has given me new insight and understanding of His ways and I want to take those dear lessons and live it well.

I have only one life and I want to live it well.

I do hope that you also want to live life well…


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