Stoffel wisdom

My husband is my hero.. Yes, I know as a wife we are proud of our husbands and we all say it.. So let me explain:

I am a dreamer. I love to sit and stare and think and dream. My thoughts run at a fast pace and I tumble through theories and so much more. Then, I get confused and just slow my thoughts down to the simple things  in life. Like my dogs hunting flies, the light in my photograph, the laughter of my friends and my husband’s smile.

Since Stoffel entered my life, he supernaturally had this ability to simplify my difficult thoughts. I would always wonder why we as people do this or that.  The other day on his birthday weekend, we were talking about being restless in your walk with God. I was one of those restless souls, always hunting for more and searching for peace, until Stoffel came and explained to me the gospel. I asked him how he would explain this restlessness and then he said,:” Well, people are looking for more because they are not satisfied.” Easy. But this hit me big time. You can live a life chasing God’s promises in a restless state, or you can live a life accessing His promises in a satisfied state. Both will bring about the promises,because the promises of God is depended on His good Character of faithfulness, but the latter one is more peaceful.

Later that week I was reading through John and I came across the woman at the well story. I read through it again and I thought how odd this conversation was between Jesus and the woman. He asks for a drink and she is all shocked that he, a Jew, is speaking to her, a Samaritan.  She is still speaking about him not having anything to draw water with and about Jacob and then He answers her.:” Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water well up to eternal life.”

If you take a sip of water and you do not want anymore of it, it means you are satisfied. Jesus promises that what He gives will leave you satisfied for life. That is the fruit of the gospel. To be satisfied.

So let me bold and suggest something, if you are not satisfied in your walk with God, are you drinking the right “water”? The gospel is so very easy. While we were still enemies with God, He died for us and freed us from the the grip of the ruler of that world, satan, even the sting of death. He then reconciled us back to Him , giving us the victorious life of Christ. We might not be living it everyday, but that is our inheritance. Jesus didn’t die for us to have a victorious life one day in heaven where there is no evil, no, it is for today.

So why the confusion? Well, my take on it is that we as humans just don’t understand how incredibly good God is and what exactly it means for us to be reconciled in life with this incredible God. So we did what the israelites did when Moses gave the ten commandments, we came up with rules to uphold standard. We think it is still up to us to enter these promises, that it is to good to be true, so we must “do” to uphold the standard of Jesus’s life.

We came up with things like  the sowing and reaping principle, putting more hope in the action of sowing than trust in a Good God that He will provide. We see one breakthrough in this principle and because we think we upholded the standard, we tell the testimony,oh so proud of ourselves. This testimony becomes a law and soon we become unsatisfied again.While in reality, God gave because He is a good God and He will give again. He gives without us asking, He upholds, He comforts, He cares because He is good.

I believe we do all these silly things because we miss the value of what He sees in us. If we suffer we think that  it must be us and God is witholding blessings to teach us a lesson. In reality, we have an enemy that wants to kill us, an enemy that we already have victory over and a Good God always fighting our corner. He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY.

I will end with this: When I got sick, I was in bed one day. I was so tired fighting. I felt God hugging me and He whispered in my ear: ” This too shall pass.” Was I angry that I got sick? Yes. At God? No. Was God angry that I got sick? Yes. During my walk towards health God and I fought together against this disease. I remember one day driving on the high way and I got a cough fit. Now, this might be a bit gross. Because of the silly germs in my lungs, I have to spit it out. I can’t swallow it again. So here I was driving and the next moment I had to spit. I pulled of opened my door and spit. I was so upset that this illness is making me less lady like and stealing my charm. I sat in my car for a second and felt God hug me. I looked at myself in the mirror and said: ” TB, you will not take my life nor my ladiness.” I stopped coughing after that day.

We rule this world because the water He gives satisfy us. We rule out of a place of victory, some battles we miss, but the war is over. We won.

Through it all, remember, that He is a Very Good God. More than you can ever imagine.


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