God speaks

I remember a couple of years ago a  very dear friend of ours asked me how do I hear God’s voice? I just looked at him not understanding the question. I wanted to reply that I hear God the same way speak as I hear you now. I could see that he really wanted to know. I couldn’t explain to him how I hear God because I just hear Him?

Ever since then my friend discovered his own way of hearing God and his life was transformed. He knew who his wife is through a chit chat with God and listening to His Papa, he is today a happily married man to the woman who God nudged him to pursue.

This past week, I thought about that question again. My husband needs solitude to speak to God. He wakes up early mornings before his chatterbox wife, and speaks to God and listen. Stoffel receives God’s direction through numerous ways, one of his favourite ways is through the Word of God. { I guess Word Of God is a clear indiction of God speaking! }

Me, well, I am a chatterbox so I guess Papa chats with me. It just happens. I can sense Him and we go through the day chatting. The whole day. I work home alone and as a people’s person this can be very frustrating. I think Jesus decided to keep me company, knowing my desperate need to have constant conversation.

I like to share with you this weeks conversation. Once in a while, Jesus wants to teach me a kingdom principle. I am a eager listener, but not a eager learner. Never really liked school, so Jesus is extremely creative with His way of transforming my mind.

On Tuesday I  had to drive through to Cape Town for work. I don’t like driving, but through my work I have to do it often. Our CD player in our car is broken so I can’t  listen to my music and have to depend on the radio for entertainment. BUT.. There is one stretch just outside of Hermanus on the way to N2 where my radio doesn’t want to tune in to the station I want to listen to. By now, I know of this curve ball and switch my radio off before the white noise irritates me.

This is God’s section. He uses this opportunity to speak without me consciously deciding to speak to Him. He just starts dropping thoughts into my mind. This week, while driving that section of the road, I started thinking of my prophetic words I have received. {By the way, this is one way of God speaking, random thoughts popping up in your mind.}

Prophetic words are another way of God speaking to us. I LOVE prophetic words. I have seen in my own life how people’s lives were transformed by me giving a prophetic word to them. Anyway , on Tuesday I started thinking of mine. I have HUGE prophetic words over my life and by now, made peace with the fact that God is the only one being able to fulfil them. But my mind kept going back to one word that was repeated over the years by numerous people, exactly these words in this order:

” Your words carry a lot of power.”

Clearly, God is saying something. I mean if numerous people on different continents said the exact same thing over and over, it must mean something. I can make my own conclusions and I do, but my favourite game is to see what does the word mean and it’s impact.

This is what I do then, I speak over people’s lives. I call out what I see, trusting in my words that they carry power to see the shift happen. Sometimes I am not there to see it happen, but still, it brings so much joy to do it regardless.

There I was driving, thinking of these words,when  I realised that it stretches far beyond me blessing people, but also it impacts my own life. When I had TB, I spoke to the TB and told it to die. I spoke life into my body and my mind. I kept on releasing life and powerful words over me and my husband til the end. Even now, I speak health over my body.

I do it in my work as well. Yesterday, I posted on Facebook of the three women that came to me for a shoot , each one of them on different occasions . They all struggled for years to fall pregnant, even after medical help. They came to me to celebrate life and say Goodbye to the dream of having a baby. During these shoots, I chat a lot to my clients, so all three their stories were told in-between smiling at my camera. As they all turned back to the car after the shoot, I release it.” You will fall pregnant during the next year” One actually heard me. Today, two of them are pregnant and one already had her baby. Power in words. There are so much power even with the words of the hundreds of people who prayed for them to fall pregnant.

When I shoot weddings, I release peace over my couple as I am driving to the wedding.During my goodbyes after I shot the wedding, I say to the couple,: ” You will have a blessed marriage filled with love and happiness!” When my brides email me after the big day to say thank you, all of them have said this: ” In a very busy and stressful time before I walked down to my husband to be, you made me feel relaxed.”

On Tuesday after I met with my clients, I walked back to my car. The dear car guard came up to me to receive his payment. I then realised I had no money on me! I apologised to him and he just smiled and said,” It is ok, madam, you can give me a blessing.” I got so excited! Did I give it to that man! I believe with my all my heart it will come true. How else, after a whole day of God chatting to me about the power of my words?

This morning, I opened my email and I received a beautiful mail from one of my favourite prophets, Connie Bennot,

This is what she said:

Hello, just felt like praying a blessing over you today.

May the Lord bless you with a season of supernatural increase, divine acceleration and growth in the heavenly realm as well as the resources you need to fulfill His purposes.

May the Lord bless you with super-abundant blessings. May he pour Himself out upon your households as a fragrant healing oil.

May the Lord bless you with a new season, a season of unfulfilled dreams being fulfilled– the very dreams you have been treasuring in your hearts.

I am off to have one very blessed day and I speak a blessing over your day as well!

Let us speak into existence love and the Life Jesus died for us to lead!


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