We watched this crazy movie of Woody Allen the other night, From Rome with love. It is a couple of scenarios about different people who find themselves in Rome. One of the scenarios was of a ordinary man that woke up famous. The story unfolds showing how he hates it in the beginning and then starting to enjoy the luxuries and then it stops one day. In one of his frustrating moments of fame he talks to his Driver, just to realise that he has no symphony from his driver. Afterwards, when all was back to normal, he missed his fame and met up with his driver. This is what the driver said: “Life sucks whether you are famous or ordinary, best to go through it famous with all the luxuries.”

This made me think.

In my trade of day, something that is being chased by many photographers,is to become an international photographer. I have to admit, it looks glamorous, especially with today’s social media keeping the rest of the “ordinary people” posted on the cup of coffee in Milan while waiting for the bride to get ready. I won’t mind it, seriously, especially since I am travel junkie. But instead of it to be an adventure to photograph an international wedding, it became a status. As soon as you have crossed an international border to photograph, you have arrived in my line of work.

People somehow chase fame. We chase to be recognised and acknowledged. We create these personalities online that will attract attention and we become less human and more an ideal. We chase perfect, thinking if everything looks neat and balanced, we will be accepted. I see it very often in my line of work. That is why I love to photograph the imperfect.

Bill Johnson once said: ” If you are chasing success you already missed it.”

I realised that when I strive to be perfect, perform,chase fame and fidget that is when I have lost my sense of belonging. I am a daughter of a King, and no performance on my part will add to that title. He has done it all for me to live it. This thought concluded with me just being.

The moment I embraced my life and the incredible blessing it is, every small thing about it, I started to enjoy it. I realised that in the Kingdom of God I am already a success. What do successful people do? They live successful. Everything they touch, turns into gold.It is just their essence and our inheritance as Kings and Queens.

My favourite part is when God reminds me of my title. One of His and my favourite ways is to play a song called: “Lovesick” by The Arrows. This song would start to play at a crucial time in my life, like going for an interview or trusting for another wedding to be booked. In the beginning I found it strange, but soon I realised it is His sign. I then take the leap of faith and jump and the outcome is always succes.

He is our essence and our being. Where we go, He goes. We are Jesus’ inheritance and He is ours. Take the fulness of this incredible gift and enjoy it! That is what truly brings Honour to His name!


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