It is difficult..

to speak about God without encountering the problem of talking Christianeze.. Like for instance, I wanted to make the header of this post, Him Captivated, but the word Captivated just has a weird ring to it because of us using the word in a wrong context.

This is not my normal happy go lucky post, but more a bunch of thoughts that has been around me the last couple of months.

It is wedding season and I was busy. Not to complain about that, it is a great thing to be busy if you have your own business, but due to this high pace life the last couple of months, stuff slipped through the cracks.

What I want to talk about is my response to it.

I was in one situation recently where I surprised myself with my reaction towards it. I am a people’s pleaser or I thought I was, and if this would have happen a couple of years ago during a very busy season at that time, I would have cracked. Instead, when I encountered the problem my first response was anger. I was so surprise at this! Normally I would go and wallow in what I did wrong and why is this happening to me, but instead I could see the truth of the situation and that I had nothing to do with it. I have to honestly say I was angry and I also discovered my back bone. It came down to a judgment that was made that I felt was unfair. Needless to say, it was resolved between all parties and life went on as normal as it could be during this still hectic time.

Then Jesus started talking to me about yet another word that we have christianized, Judgement. We know about Judgement day and some of us fear it, others rejoice in it. It all depends on your understanding of the cross and what value you add to the word “Judgement.” Mostly, it is negative word.

The problem with negative words is it’s connotation. If I tell my spouse that I feel judged by him, it is not a fun message to communicate. He most probably will miss my heart in what I am saying and go into defence mode, defending himself and before we know it, we are disconnected and fight all the time.

Then I started to study what Jesus meant when He said to not judge each other. We see it as a command and as Christians, we reprimand easily with  “the commands”. But my Jesus has a personality and truth that is unique. What I found is when he says do not judge each other, He is actually giving us a gift in the person we tend to judge. We are all so beautifully different, and if we judge people we put a lid on that beauty of being different.

Society judges, and this led to a norm. There is a kind of norm that is required of us to be “accepted.” in. In a worldly sense, acceptance is do base but in God, acceptance is “it is done” base. He already accepted us just the way we are, therefor he can say do not judge! He has redeemed our beauty of being all so very different and He wants us all to celebrate these differences.

As a artist, I hate copy cats. I do not like it when you copy somebody’s else’s idea. These last couple of weeks, I realised it is because of this judgment thing that I do not like copy cats. We are being taught by the big companies what is “normal” and casting a judgement on what is not “normal” . Because of not knowing who you are, we conform to the world’s normal and in the process lose the beauty of being original and a gift.

This is way more than just in the area of arts or photography, it goes to classicism , racism and every other icsm in this world!

I end with this, just be you in everything you do.



2 thoughts on “It is difficult..

  1. So great Lin! Thanks for sharing! Especially Loved this part: He already accepted us just the way we are, therefor he can say do not judge! He has redeemed our beauty of being all so very different and He wants us all to celebrate these differences. 🙂

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