Give yourself a break

Mondays are “me days” . I have so many things on my plate that I have to take one day for myself. It helps with staying creative and staying at rest. I normally spend my days with God, chatting and praying.

This morning, I woke up with a delight. It is officially winter. Don’t get me wrong, winter is not my  favourite season but in my industry, winter means a time of rest, revamp and being creative… and it means Kruger National Park!

We go every year in the winter time, oh, I cannot wait!

But this morning I actually do have something to write about. This past Saturday, hub hub and I had some words with each other. This very dramatic exchange of different opinions were shared on our way to go do some shopping for our new house. We were both so caught in what we think should count , that we did not listen to the other. Eventually, Stoffel pulled the car over and said  to me that it is no use for us to keep on driving since we obviously will not have fun together today. Then it dawned on me. I sat there and realised, well, tomorrow, we will be fine and ever in love with each other and enjoy each other’s company and in two months we will be moving into this new house that we are fighting about now and this fight will be long forgotten.

I realised that me taking myself so seriously on what I want,will actually steal from the delight of the future. Then I did what every perfect wife does and admitted that I was wrong.. { and here I must add that this act of mine was indeed the first to happen in our marriage which means that I am not perfect.} 🙂

All love lost was regained by a hug and kiss and we had so much fun together on Saturday!

This made me think.

How often do we chase the perfect idea or picture and in the process lose out on life?

Growing up in a goal orientated society from your baby’s first successful sleep training on so many months to have the perfect business at the age of 30. From having the perfect goal weight, perfect marriage connection, most disciplined children. In between all of this we lose the wonder of life.

It was this morning that made me realise that we have to give ourself a break. Life in its essence is “messy”. It is uncontrollable and the best we can do is to manage ourselves, for the rest, enjoy this crazy journey.

I realised this morning that there is so much that I can be thankful for, but keeping my eyes focused on those things that is not yet perfect according to my standard, steals so much joy of my life. I think if we actually just live and love ourselves we will most probably automatically live a very balanced, goal orientated life. This is because when you start experiencing the value that your beautiful life has,you will automatically be encouraged to guard that which is important.

When I told Jesus my new “ahaahaa” moment,  I could just hear Him laugh, and this scripture came to mind:

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Gal 5:1

Be free to love, be free to laugh and be free to trust Him because in this lies the treasures of life.


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