My girl

Many years ago I had a very powerful vision. I have shared it with so many different crowds, but this morning I was reminded of it again. It is the one where I went into God’s heavenly home. I remembered all the details changed as I walked through the halls and rooms.. Every detail that changed, changed from the one thing I love to the next thing I love. Just a subtle reminder that He knows our hearts.

Anyway, this morning I needed some ABBA Papa love. I am always honest, so why pretend now? I am to the bone tired, going to bed at 9 waking up still tired,a sure sign that I need a holiday. So much has happened this last year since our previous time away to the Kruger and I just need to escape all those memories in order for me to reset them. I need to shake the TB memories even though it was one of the most life changing times in my life. I need to feel the sun on my face without the fear of it leaving scars on my face due to treatment. That is why I need a holiday! I think I justified our holiday enough now,we need this! 🙂

So Stoffel woke up early this morning, and as our custom is every morning we wake up, he plays Worship music and just be with Him during breakfast. I was too tired and still in bed, so skipped this morning with my hub, but sneaky man left the music on when he left for work.

One song started to play and it took me right back to that Papa’s house vision.

I remember walking into a great big hall in His house. It was never ending yet private. I remembered I asked Him what this room is. It was His personal Gallery of all His favourite artists. I remembered how I looked at the art,completely mesmerised. I expected the Von Gogh’s and although his work was also there, I noticed so many names that I don’t recognised . I asked Papa about them and He described a person to me that sounded, well, rather ordinary and that this “art” I was looking at,  was this specific man’s scribble on a notepad as he was busy with a business meeting. God has that in His gallery on SHOW!

But this morning God reminded me of one little artist. I remembered it so clearly. Daddy God was ecstatic about this little boy’s art. I remembered standing next to God and just stared at  the mess on the table while Papa was dancing around it! I remembered Him asking me if I can see how beautiful it is. He then noted that I have no idea what I am looking at and then answered my frown with: “It is a little car.” I again looked shocked at the mess in front of me. Daddy then revealed more of the artist: “It is the art of a six year old boy who is autistic.” , God answered. I was so touched. This boy’s art makes God dance of joy.

I am reminded today that it does not matter where I walked this past year and where I will be walking the next year, I am His Girl and He is so ever dancing around me with pure delight and wonder.

Now that makes it worth it. 🙂


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