growing old but staying young

It is two days before my birthday! I know some people do not understand my obsession with my birthday. But it is actually very easy to understand.

I love to celebrate.

Just to give you an idea: Last night we had to go and buy electricity. Since it is my birthday month, I spoil myself everyday with something special. As we drove to checkers to go and buy the electricity I said to Stoffel I want to celebrate my birthday today with a sweetie pie. I stayed in the car and hubbub jumped out to buy the electricity and my sweetie pie. He took a very long time and at one stage I was concerned. Just as I was about to open the door to go and look for him, he came back. Turns out the reason why he took his time is because in the whole of Checkers there was only one sweetie pie left! He tried to find another one for him but looked everywhere but there was only this one. So I got it! I love my man. I then celebrated that I got the last sweetie pie and that it is my birthday week!

I love to celebrate people,accomplishments in life and everyday circumstances. That is why my birthday is a big deal because then I can celebrate me!

I wasn’t always like this. I really didn’t like myself. I always wanted to change this about me or be less sensitive or shorter. People thought they would “disciple” me tell me to be less this or that. It just made it worse. I became incredibly insecure.

I was a christian for a long time when I met Daddy God face to face. I knew Jesus very well, but like so many other Christians I thought Daddy God is the angry one and Jesus was the gentle, loving one and that the Holy Spirit is the crazy one. Silly if you think about it because Jesus said that He only does as He sees the Father do and in a different part of the scripture Jesus says that Holy Spirit reveals Jesus.  So Jesus reveals the Father and the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus which means that in truth The Holy Spirit reveals the Father. 🙂

When I met Daddy God, I was consumed with Love. A Pure, gentle, goofy,fierce,powerful and magnificent Love. Seeing Him for who He is changed my perspective about me. If this magnificent God is my creator, then I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Ps 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

My essence found purpose when I encountered the Love of the Father.

To know the character of God establishes your identity. To know Who created you, helps to understand your purpose.

I promise you this, we were created to be LOVED by a very powerful God.

When I see myself now, I see all my flaws that was doomed by this world but LOVED by My God and I giggle about it. I see a powerful woman with a gentle heart. I see a secure woman with joy as her source. I see a woman who has been set free to live.

I am passionately in love with God the Father. Not with the religious version of Him, no, but with the True Him.

That is why I celebrate my life because He created it!


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