Three times

It is midnight and I have been working hard today. I always listen to music as I work as it really stimulates my creative process. This morning I heard a song that hit my core. Normally I ride the “wave”, I listen the song over and over, knowing that God is using the song to speak to me. But today I was busy. I heard the song, played it again and again, but the message did not come.

Tonight, as I was laying in bed about to sleep, the message came. The Holy Spirit is my Best Friend. Over the years I really cultivated my relationship with Him. I know Him and am quick to listen when He whispers something in my ear. Busyness is usually a “listen” killer but He is faithful, He will come and whisper it again, knowing that I live for those golden minutes.

Over the weekend hub hub and I attended a wedding and we decided to make a long weekend of it. On Saturday morning we sat on our stoep, overlooking the ocean. He was reading his bible and I was soaking up the sun. “Daddy God spoke three times in an audible voice during the time Jesus walked the earth.” he said. I looked at him. “Three times, love, and all three times other people around Jesus heard Daddy speak.” Then he continued to read his bible.

I love it when my man speaks revelation. He doesn’t use a lot of words, but what he says is so profound.

Three times God spoke about Jesus in an audible voice.


Honestly, if I had a Son like Jesus, I would walk behind Him day and night and sing:” This is my beloved Son, in Whom I well pleased!!” as loud as I possibly could!

We sometimes have this idea that God is a robot Who had a mission to save the world. Due to our Hollywood culture, we think God was the machine who stepped in, destroyed the enemy and concurred the world and stepped out. We miss the heartbeat, the Love of a Father. Yes, Jesus is our Salvation, but He is called the Son of God. This “title” speaks of intimacy and relationship.

God did not have to affirm Jesus in front of people. Jesus was secure, His purpose was set, He knew what He was destined for. I believe God affirmed Jesus because He truly loved His Son and is so proud of Him for not only what He was about to do, but for Who He is. That audible voice was for us to hear.

Three times God the Father spoke in a audible voice. Three times He highlighted His Son. We read it in the Bible and can’t see it. Imagine you were standing next to the Jordan river, judging John the baptist with his shady clothes and random beard, baptising people in water. Next moment the One everyone gossips about,  pitches and immediately John starts acting weird.Then Jesus gets baptised and the as He walks out of the water a voice out of Heaven is heard: “This is My Son in Whom I am well pleased!”

That alone, must awaken some kind of curiosity in you to know Who is this Son?

In the song I was listening today, the words go like this: “Although our sins are scarlet, You have made us white as snow. Halleluja, You are the Saviour, Halleluja, your are a Friend, Halleluja King Forever, We thank you for the cross.”

God spoke three times because what Jesus did on the Cross is something to be noted. We water it down, thinking it as an explanation to be used for when we sinned and need some comfort. “Don’t worry,Jesus died for our sins.” Yes, He did, but do you see the sacrifice?

This is the Son of the Living God, taking the punishment that was meant for us, on Him. He washed us as white as snow. Again, we see this on a small scale. We think it is nice words to help us with our sins. In reality, in Truth, you have been crucified and resurrected with Him. Your old man has gone. All that darkness, all that pain, all the past mistakes,all the brokeness, the confusion, the insecurity, the depression,and anger has been crucified with Him. Gone. You have been set free.

In one Man, God reconciled the world to Him. THIS.IS. HUGE.

What does it mean to be reconciled to God?

It means that we have become one with our God. We returned to our purpose to be in unity with our Creator. We have become fellow- heirs with Christ, God’s rightful sons and daughters.

It means that we have become like Jesus.We have become valuable asset to this world. We have become royalty that has been called to co-reign this earth with Him. If more Christians just realise their true identities, this world would look a whole lot different. We lead with love, security in who we are and we serve like Kings.

It means that He, Daddy God, shouts over you: “This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.”

A Million times a day.


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