True Love’s kiss

I might sound like a stuck record,but here it goes again, my favourite topic to write about is Love. You can say that I might be a love-junkie!

Hubby and I have been savouring our time together. He is busy with a post grad degree and has a couple of weeks off before his next assignment. I am busy with silly season. Yes, it is summer time and the lovely weddings are on a roll. This past weekend was one of the few free weekends I had and the two of us hibernated into our own little world. We started watching this series called “Once upon a time”. It is about the storybook characters that we all know,under the curse of the evil queen. The curse made them part of our world and they forgot their true identities. The only person that can make them realise who they are and can set them free from the curse is the saviour and her true love for the people.

Numerous times your hear the evil Queen say, ” The only thing that can set you free is the kiss of true love!” Then she throws her head back with an evil laugh as if she knows that there is no such thing as True Love. And then, just because I am me, I throw back my head while watching this scene and give my version of the evil laugh and say: “You don’t know The One! ” Stoffel then hides underneath his hand as if the whole world can see his crazy wife.

Well, now you know.

This story sounds familiar doesn’t it? It sounds like the well known story of our redemption. We are the storybook characters stuck in a world and forgotten about our true identities. Our True Love’s kiss was when Jesus died on the cross, conquered the curse even the sting of death, and then rose again to sit at the right- hand of God. He then made salvation available to all of us, with us having the choice to receive if or not.

On Saturday I woke up with a fresh revelation of Love: We need to redefine love. Somehow Hollywood made Love soppy. How do I know it? Men hate watching Rom coms. They want to see the action. They are not at all entertained by the weak guy with his bunch of flowers asking the girl to love him forever. Love and the power of Love has been made weak by our society. Power today is expressed through dominance, wealth,manipulation and control. Not at all by the unconditional power of Love.

Let me share my story. I accepted Christ when I was nineteen years old. I am going to be honest and say that when this conversion happened in my life, I was past the point of being broken. I had no hope for my life and contemplated suicide when I decided to instead go to church.{ Good decision Linda.} There I met Jesus as my Saviour. I was so relieved to be accepted. I was relieved to have some hope. My brokenness lifted but didn’t stay away. For years I was my own worst enemy. I could’t forgive myself for the mistakes I made before I met Christ. I manipulated and controlled, just to hide the “true” me. I performed like a crazy person, just to be accepted. This all happened while I was a Christian.

Then one day, I was standing in a prayer session, angry at Stoffel { poor guy had a tough time dating me} when I saw a vision. Jesus was standing in front of me with a very concerned look on His face: “Can I touch you, Linda?” I didn’t understand why He asked me this. I thought He always touched me. Then He showed me what I looked like at that very moment. I looked scared and so hurt. ” Can I love you, Linda?” I answered yes and then my life was transformed. I was set free.

There is a reason why Paul says in 1 Cor 13 that without Love we are nothing. Love is powerful because Love is not a feeling but a Person. God is Love. Now, if you never understood the power of His love, you might read that God is Love and think it is this pink fluffy kind of love. The weak love. On Saturday I realised that because Christians don’t know who God is, is the reason why they still walk in bondage. If you know Him, you will realise the amazing fact that is that this God, Who is All Powerful, All knowing, everywhere and beyond our understanding of good, Good is Love. Not a weak Love at all. In fact, it is a very powerful and dangerous in a good way Love.

I end with a thought: Those who know they are loved, are unstoppable.


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