The Baby Challenge

I always have a giggle when people ask us how long have we been married. I answer with a big smile, knowing the next question after they hear my answer. “Oh, six years, do you have any children?” And right there the awkwardness kicks in as I shook my head with a “no” without any explanation. I can see the wheels turning and the lips being pressed together to prevent whatever the next thing they wanted to say come out of their mouths. Respect. It is very difficult to make small talk when someone throws a spanner in the wheels by not abiding by the normal trend of the “how long have you been married and how many kids” small talk.

Different strokes for different folks is my philosophy about big life choices, but ours is not that abnormal. I decided to share our personal journey about the kids question in a hope that all awkwardness will disappear.

I am not a broody woman. I can walk past a baby and coo with no need to hold him or her. {Except one little lady, my friend Miemie’s little one. That girl.}

When we tied the knot six years ago, we decided to start with a family when we hit our five year journey mark.  Now looking back, I am not disappointed at all with our decision. According to our plans, we were planning to start last year, but then I was diagnosed TB. “Whatever you do, do not fall pregnant,” Was one common thing so many health practitioners said to me during my treatment. “Just wait at least a year after treatment before you start planning a family.” was another.

One actually said: “If I were you, I will not fall pregnant at all. The risk is just to high for TB to return.”

Hopelessness was everywhere accept between Stoffel and I.

This is why:

Seven years ago, while we were still in the do I like him/her phase, we prayed about whether we are each other’s person. One night, God started talking to me about my kids. He gave me names and descriptions. I remembered being taken aback and asked Him why He is talking to me about my kids when I am praying about Stoffel? I then saw a vision of me holding a baby in a hospital and as the vision widened I saw Stoffel standing next to me with his hand on my shoulder, looking at the baby. “He is the father of your children” God answered. That is how I knew this man is my person.

This week I was reminded of that vision, this time around I have the man, now I am trusting for the children in the right time.

God gives promises to us in challenging times to give us supernatural hope. A promise from God is when He goes into your future, see where you are suppose to be at and then gives you  a promise in the now for you to hold on to, to get to where you must go. A promise from God releases a supernatural hope that is above an earthly hope.

Our faith in Him is what keeps us holding on.

The other day I was driving in my car and I started to pray. It is the best time to pray, as I drive around in my town or to Cape Town. I was praying for my business asking God for more business. This was not a stressed prayer or a desperate prayer. It was a prayer of delight because I have learned that the journey to a fulfilled promise is just as rewarding as the promise being fulfilled.

I know of so many people despising faith journeys. ” Oh, now God wants me to trust that He will come through. Why do I have to do it? Why do I have to struggle like this with always having faith for better things to come?’ My answer: You are lucky. I see it as a great honour to be able to trust God for something. Think about it, a promise being fulfilled is a miracle happening. A miracle is when this Loving God invaded your world to change it. Your perspective on Who He is, is making the journey difficult. Not Him. He is not trying to teach you something, instead He is inviting you into a more intimate relationship with the God of the Universe. He wants to show off through you. It is a honour, not a curse.

With that being said, walking a faith journey is not always easy as storms do come, but with God as our comforter we can walk these storms with dignity. He is always there and so is His hope.

Baby wise: Let’s see. I am one year TB free the end of February next year.

Have a blessed week!


4 thoughts on “The Baby Challenge

  1. Ek hoor jou! Ons was al amper 7 jaar getroud voor ons swanger geraak het. Ons was in baie van daai “awkard” gesprekke. Dis ‘n moeilike maar amazing journey om saam met ons Pappa te stap in wat (en wanneer) Hy beplan het en nie wat (en wanneer) ons beplan het nie.

  2. Baie goeie gedagtes Linda….Dan as jy 2 het vra mense of jy klaar is en frons as jy nee se.Such is life. Kids is great maar as hul eers daar is is dit ook baie harde werk.Liefde Anoeska

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