The Cliché of planning


My last post I was pouring my guts out about having a baby. Little did I know at that stage that I was already pregnant. Even reading this sentence makes me smile! The bizarreness of life!

I have no idea whether you know me. I really do not know how far my blogs travel and how many people read this. Just because of that,let me explain something. I hate control. I understand management, but controlling people even your own life just doesn’t sit right with me.

What do I mean with control? Let us take a diet for instance and the endless battle women have with their weight. I am a feeler and I can sense when people are just eating healthy because they have revelation of what it means to be healthy and when people are controlling their diet. In other words, they are doing what is right to be in control of the outcome. They don’t trust, they control.

So control is moving through life without trust, where as managing who you are, is moving out of a revelation of who you are and managing you to get the best out of life.

If you are a controlling person an unplanned pregnancy will really upset you, especially if you had plans to do amazing stuff. Like a trip to the U.K or an epic holiday in Malawi. That was my plan until I did that pregnancy test.

Many people asked me this past year what I learned through TB. I had many answers because I did learn so much. But I can now narrow it down to two things:

Life {everything about life} is valuable and trust is key.

So when that pregnancy test result came out positive, I phoned my best friend in hysterical laughter! She then politely reminded me that Stoffel must actually be the first the know and then I phoned him. { The only reason I phoned her first was because she was bugging me to take a test}

I like to joke a lot and have to confess that I did cry wolf one time to many with a fake pregnancy announcement to my husband. He is at work and I am at home working, so to keep him on his toes, I would phone him regularly to “surprise” him with my fake-pregnancy news. When the real phone call had to made, Stoffel did not believe me at all.  Eventually after ten minutes of him saying that I must stop this, I said in a very serious voice: ” Stoffel Fourie, you are going to be a dad.” Then the silence on the other side of my phone told me that the man finally caught up with the news.

So yes, I am pregnant and very happy about it.  God proved Himself faithful again and this just adds to my already very firm believe that I am one of His favourites.

I have tremendous peace and so much to look forward to. I do plan still, I am still a business woman and life still goes on, but the joy of knowing that a family will soon have another member is the cloud I move in now.

Let’s get to the real reason why I started writing this post. Him and His true Nature.

I know that my faith does not make sense to many people. I do not believe in God because it is the right thing to do. I believe in Him because I got to know Him. I am not religious but I am faithful and I find celebrating God in so many ways that He made available for us to celebrate Him, brings tears to my eyes.

I know a God that is not afraid of your hurt. I know a God that will invite you to His feasts even if you do not see yourself as fit. I know a God that will operate and demonstrate His Love in the darkest places through miracles, not to brag about Who He is, but to act because He loves. My heart’s cry is for people is to realise that this amazing Papa is one hundred percent for you. He loves you.

And as my unborn baby already have so much love poured towards him or her without ever trying to perform for our love, so much more does God loves us without us even trying to work for it.

This is truth and not warm fuzzy words. It is hope, not a soft gospel.

And this God and His incredible love taught me to trust. To trust Him and His ways,to know that He will always have my back.

A very happy 2015 to you all, may this year be a year where you discover even more of Him and His true Nature.


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