Let’s take a step back

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matt. 5:3

I am writing this with the hugest smile on my face. I am trying my best to be all serious face, but the smile can’t keep away!

I have no reason why, I don’t have big news or had great weekend, in fact I was Mommy-vegetable the whole weekend. But the smile is there and I am happy.

Yesterday, while reading a book, with my feet on hubby’s lap as he was studying, I took a moment to get more comfortable , when this thought flashed through my head: ” You are loved.”

I looked at my pups, at my hubby and at my growing belly. These are all for me, from Him and I am grateful beyond words.

I listened to a Papa Bill sermon and one stage he said that it saddens him if someone has gone through a difficult time and not go deeper with their relationship with God. My hubby gets nervous excited when trails enter our world.

Please understand that not one of us want to experience difficult time. I remember how I wished every day past as I went through my treatment with TB. But my relationship with God went to a new level.

Did I grow in more wisdom or better understanding of this world? Did I get the answers of life? Nope, in fact, I was even more humbled by sickness, coming to a full conclusion that I actually do not have this thing called life under control. The old me would have hated to be “humbled”. We think it is a harsh thing to be humbled, but I found the opposite to be true.

During my absolute brokeness I discovered a depth of His Love that set me free. That is what being humbled means to me, freedom from your own efforts and into the Grace of His glory.

I learned to trust in Him and in the process discovered a Papa handing out comfort hugs and kisses.

The beauty of all of this, after the trail {which He did not send} these new revelations of Him are now part of my life.

I trust Him and I have come to realise not many know how. I can try and teach it, but that is the thing of moving in a relationship, it can not always be taught.

I once had a conversation with a fellow Bethel Student from England. She told me what it felt like to go home after being at a place in full revival. Everyone asked her to share what she learned. ” And you know what, Linda? They were all very disappointed with my answer. I told them that I learned that I am loved. ” I looked at her, knowing the depth of those words.

Being loved is amazing, knowing you are loved is powerful.

Let’s take a step back from this world and how it operates and lift our eyes to Him. Let us allow to be seen like He sees us and to see the world as He sees it.  Let us allow ourselves to be loved.

Have a lovely week!


2 thoughts on “Let’s take a step back

  1. Dankie. Elkeen van jou posts laat my dink oor die goed waaroor ek besig is om te dink. Soms dieper, soms verder.
    en so geluk met jou swangerskap

    1. Baie dankie vir gawe woord Ilse, ek is so bly my insig help jou ook. Dis lekker hoe die Koninkryk so kan werk! Baie dankie ook vir die gelukwensing! Baie sterkte met jou pad saam Hom!

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