Linda Fourie 46

No idea where to begin with this post… This is a big subject. Whenever Stoffel or I speak on the topic of Identity, we get so excited, yet so overwhelmed. There is just so much that can be said and all is really life changing good.

I was recently in a situation that proved to me that I respond out of my identity in Him and not out of my knowledge of Him. I saw the whole thing so differently than the norm that I sort of became the outcast. Yet, understanding who you are in Christ is incredibly liberating and I just cannot go back to live out of an only principled life. I need life. I need to understand heart,not only head and what is right according to some.

According to society, people in their 30’s settle because they start to recognise who they are. They make peace with their personalities and their way of doing things. When I speak about identity,that is the first thing someone will say to me: “I know who I am.” Yes, I know you do, but I am not speaking of your earthly identity, I am speaking of your Spiritual one that is the base of your earthly one. I am not talking about knowing that you like routine and a certain pizza, I am talking about living out of the Father’s Grace that is on your life. Living Powerful and free. Free of condemnation and fear.

The only way to tell you of your Spiritual Identity is to point you to the Gospel.

The message of the Cross is the turning point in all mankind’s awareness of who they are in Christ. For you to walk according to the person of who you are in Christ, you need to see Christ. Him, crucified, resurrected, victorious, glorified and making the whole world one with Him. You have been set free from sin and death. Many think that this is the gospel: “Oh, Jesus forgave my sins.” Yes, He did, but even more, He made you a new creation.Completely brand, spanking new. The old has gone. No more, nada.

This is the creation that I am talking about. Not a meek christian accepting the forgiveness of his sins and then living a quiet life in order not to offend God again to prevent throwing the crucifixion back in His face.No, in fact, I believe, when you live that kind of shameful life of “Oh woe is me, I have sinned”, you are throwing His works back in His face. Hard words, I know.

You see,just think about this for one second. The God of the Universe has made you one with Him. Think about it. Really think.

Who is God to you? That God is the one that is One with you. What does oneness mean? It means One. You cannot see anything else other than one. One subject, One breath, One heartbeat, One thought. One.

The problem with identity comes in with how we see God. If we see Him as an angry God we will respond to that and live as slaves of God, afraid to disobey  Him. But if we see God as Good, we will live in Freedom with Him, Trusting Him in all His ways. He is realllllllllllllyyyyyyyy a Good God. The Cross says it enough: While we were still enemies of Him, He died a brutal and dishonouring death for us to live. Now, if this wasn’t related to religion and you would have heard about a random innocent man, taking the penalty of the guilty in order for the guilty to be free, you will honour the innocent man and think that that was a saint of a man.

But because we have been exposed to wrong things of God through religion, we think God is this egocentric, angry God that needs to prove to all mankind that He is God.. We miss the heart of a Father.

Our identities in God is fixed and for us to discover who we are, we need to see God for who He is.

I leave you with this: In the old covenant if a leper touched you, you were unclean, but in the new covenant, if you touch a leper, he becomes clean.

Your are wonderfully and powerfully created. Time to shine!


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