One day

Yesterday was our three year anniversary in Hermanus. We are so blessed to call this beautiful town home! We have met great people and made great friends and we are so excited for what is ahead of us.

Recently we started to walk with a group people hungry for the word of God. We were sharing our journey of Bethel. There is one question that is asked every time we talk about Bethel. “Why did you have to go so far?” Well, to learn. Yes, we have the same Holy Spirit here, but we have not the same level of truth than what those guys are operating in. They are bunch of radical believers that put their whole lives on the altar and decided to go for it. Their faith pull each other up and  out of misery. The teachings were amazing, but what really changed me was the freedom and the atmosphere.

These last three years are just a testimony of what we learned there. We had difficult times, yes, I had TB and that was a journey on it’s own, but our steadfast believe in the goodness of God were never altered.

Today we look back at a path filled with miracles and big ones at that. My business is booming,I’m expecting a baby and Stoffel is reaching new heights in business that even experienced business men admire him.

As I was thinking of all of this, my heart sang. It is all God. All Him. And it made me think.

Stoffel and I only have one message and one goal when we preach and minister to people. To introduce them to Jesus. For us it is crucial to look at Jesus. Because only in looking at Him, you find the true you. We can search the true you in so many areas of our lives to form our identities. I have met so many people who have put their identity in something else than Him. Even Christians!

I hear Christians afraid of darkness and I just have to keep myself from not telling them that your God is bigger than darkness. That you empower the enemy by believing his lies of which the biggest one is that he is more powerful than God.

Here is the truth: At the cross, Jesus stripped him of all his power and principalities. He is powerless. But then God went a step further and gave us a disempowered devil to torture as he tortured us. How do we torture him? By living as the True sons of God. Living in that Authority. By not taking a step back out of fear, but by walking in absolute victory.We are the Sons of the most High God!

Yes, Linda, easier said than done. I know, and this is what I learned in my journey with TB. It is difficult to explain to people the absolute anguish I experienced in those early days. I was so incredibly afraid of death and my body didn’t seem to give me an option to opt out. It was failing me the whole time. To see the fear in my husband’s eyes was dreadful. BUT God was there, every step of the way. He is a good Father and one day He reminded me of who I was. I was having another horrible cough fit, typical TB in advance stages with coughing up blood. { sorry for the graphic description} when the Holy Spirit reminded me that I am not defeated as I am believing at that exact moment. So I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror and commanded the TB to go. That was my last blood cough.

My heart is this: He is our Good God and our Loving Father

I hear so many troubled souls wishing for the end to come. That this beloved One day we christians all live for, will creep closer. You see, I stopped believing in that One day. I don’t understand how a good God will keep us here on earth and will only one day grace us with His goodness. Turns out I am right, He won’t do that to us, He is with us now and we walk fully empowered. The only thing that keeps us from that level of freedom is what we believe.

I end with this, yes, life happens, today is a good example of life happening to me. I am struggling to sleep and not my normal happy Linda. But that mood does not alter my firm believe that He is a Good God and Father. I am at peace and soon I know I will sleep soundly again.. maybe in a couple of years after all the babies.. ๐Ÿ™‚ But with His grace, all things are possible.

I want to encourage you were you at, lift your eyes. Allow Him to come and comfort you and lift your spirit. You are so valuable to Him and He loves to encourage us. Just allow Him to! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a blessed week!


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